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  1. I'd also put up Vermintide 2 and Deep Rock Galactic as possible games that I know several people in the community play.
  2. Well... if this goes very long, I might be able to attend, but it's right in the middle of my workday
  3. I'm not aware of any good ones. Hoping that the Gloomhaven online port ends up good (multiplayer is coming soon, supposedly), which could *very loosely* be considered a deckbuilder, but that's more of a cooperative dungeon crawl than a horror/mystery cooperative game.
  4. Currently Playing: Not much atm, Slay the Spire, L5R on occasion Has Experience With: Duelyst, MTG, Android: Netrunner, AGOT LCG, Hearthstone, many of the 'board game' deckbuilders like Dominion, Ascension, Clank!/Clank in Space, Marvel LCG, Arkham Horror LCG, etc Haven't picked up Monster Train, there's a lot of games to play still (just picked up CK3) I think a key thing to cover is common mechanics in deckbuilding games and what they mean in terms of gameplay (IE discarding/using your whole hand every turn and redrawing a new hand is a common mechanic)
  5. Bumping this since @MadCast: rife170 mentioned it in the Town Hall, and I'm usually down to play VT2. This game is a lot of fun and I wish more games had melee combat like this.
  6. For resources, u.gg is an excellent quick reference for what the 'standard' build (runes, skills, and items) is for a champion in any role, as well as a rough idea of how good their various matchups are.
  7. Deep Rock Galactic is now 50% off for the next 10 days.
  8. I'd be down for some things: Helldivers SC2 Coop I could pick up L4D2, though I never really played much of it before...
  9. I'm at close to 100 hours, and I'll keep playing it. I can stream solo, but I potentially have lag issues streaming in MP, and the game is more fun in MP.
  10. Fortunately (unfortunately?) Sunday plans got cancelled, so I should be able to make it! Count me in.
  11. Just picked this game up, and it's absolutely fantastic. It's an up to 4 player coop game where everyone is a beer-loving dwarf miner in space, working for Deep Rock Galactic, a company that cares almost as much about employee safety as a 19th century coal mining company. It plays similar to Minecraft cave exploration mixed with Left for Dead. You explore caves, shoot alien bugs in the face, mine resources, load them up onto the cart until you have met your mission goals. Then you battle your way back to the surface to get on the drop pod before it leaves without you. Each player plays one of 4 different classes, and you mine resources to unlock weapon and equipment upgrades. The different biomes and enemies along with the procedural level generation makes the levels different every time. Each class provides something different to the team, but does so in a way that does not make any class mandatory or stronger than another. It's still in early access, but it's a full game at this point, and is probably close to release. I'm still new at the game, but it's a lot of fun and has great atmosphere.
  12. Unfortunately I have plans for Sunday, I might show up late, depending on how things go.
  13. I'm down to play coop, not particularly interested in the multiplayer. pushover242 on Steam.
  14. Is the next League of Learning after next week's happening on 2020/01/02 or 2020/01/09?
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