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  1. Yone was revealed in the Spirit Blossom 2020 Trailer: SkinSpotlights did an ability reveal: He's set to drop tomorrow, August 6th. I like the aesthetic, though I'm not a huge fan of assassins in general. A common speculation is that he's "Yasuo 2.0" Thoughts?
  2. There are at least a few MadCasters playing ARAMs, Blitz, and casual normals on a daily basis (myself included). Besides the rune changes, additional champions, minor map changes & champion reworks, the game plays largely the same. I would recommend checking out League Mafia as well for some casual shenanigans -- Wednesdays @ 9 P.M EST I've been trying to grind through the pit of despair that is ranked solo queue, but when I'm not doing that I'm down for any game mode!
  3. Welcome back Huey! It's been a while. 😀
  4. Thank you! I have read and accept the terms of full membership. Is it possible to have my name shortened to MadCast: Apoz?
  5. get ready for the best stick figures you've ever seen
  6. Riot's teaser for their new champion, Lillia - The Bashful Bloom: SkinSpotlights did an ability reveal:
  7. I'm glad that they are finally buckling down to try and address this, even if they don't have concrete solutions at the moment. The toxic community of League of Legends has always been a barrier to entry, and a consistent source of frustration for long-time players.
  8. love me some Todrick
  9. a little surprising, but I've been gifted a lot of stuff
  10. Before pride month is over I wanted to say thanks for helping echo the voice of the LGBT+ community! As a gay man myself, it's nice to see some representation.