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  1. Riot Games upcoming new champion is Rell - The Iron Maiden: I'm digging the aesthetic, and am a fan of supports who like to engage. Can't wait to try her out.
  2. Jackbox 4 & 5, specifically Fibbage, Survive the Internet, Mad Verse City and possibly Monster Seeking Monster
  3. There will be the socializing, on this of the Saturdays. Jackbox shall rear its head once more with some warmup Fibbage, Survive the Internet, Mad Verse City, and mayhaps some Monster Seeking Monster 😏 Last one there is a space hamster!
  4. no community allowed 😡 - rito games
  5. Jackbox 4 & 5
  6. I hope you all had a good Halloween! This is tonight!
  7. Blizzard has finally decided that utilizing input broadcasting software in multiple game clients (commonly known as multiboxing) promotes botting and automated gameplay, and is becoming an actionable offense in the interests of the health of the game and community. I'll be the first to voice that I've always felt that multiboxing was a form of cheating and/or playing dirty, and don't understand why Blizzard allowed it for so long other than for the increased revenue from multiple account subscriptions. Thoughts?
  8. Have you ever wanted to feed the enemy jungler on your phone? How about miss that cannon minion on your next-gen console? Look no further, with League of Legends: Wild Rift -
  9. Hey all you cool cats and kittens, Apoz here. Saturday next week we'll be playing some Jackbox 4 & 5 with games like Survive the Internet, Fibbage, Patently Stupid, and if people are feeling funky, Mad Verse City. (skipping over 🎃Halloween🎃, because you have better things to do like eat candy and pray to our dark lord)
  10. I'd vouch for that, and also a kitten hydra with three heads, each of which has the face of Kitty Stark.