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  1. For Shizzle. I saw this and I thought it was another bet
  2. Brews and Reviews Gaming YUHHHHH

  3. It's time for you to jump off of s cliff of some type for the 2nd year in a row crackles
  4. When Auburn shut down LSU I was heartbroken and wanted to cry. I was believing my team could cut it this year..... I am still very happy that TCU is in it though and could bring out a big upset to get in that top 4 spot.
  5. Oliver


    Agreed above ^ They will need to show what all there other game modes could possibly be before I would ever want to pay what they are asking. And with how the game is already set up I am really interested in seeing how they can sell it off to be much more than it already is. Graphically it is amazing, quite a few bugs on the front end of the start screen but not many other than that. Gameplay though reminds me of a warcraft 3 mod more than anything else.
  6. Better go grab Martavius in all your leagues!
  7. lowest ranking out of my 10 leagues is 4th. And thats in a 100$ pro league and Im set.
  8. Oliver


    I am unsure if anyone uses this or not but I run a CSGOProBetting site for this that gives insight into your bets from a professionals PoV. Just to make things clear CSGOLounge is perfectly legal and a lot of fun! Its a way to trade your guns in CSGO for ones that you might be searching for that you do not want to dish out the monies on! Our site is CSGOProBets.com and I am lucky in saying we are averaging 200k hits a day! It truly is a great resource and for anyone that uses CSGOLounge I truly urge you to try it.
  9. I want to go to that stadium soooo bad. Cmon man I am a LSU fan and have been for many years! As soon it was Ptwice and Honey Badger I could not resist wanting them for the super bowl. I would happily go to either stadium.
  10. They have been mine every year since Patrick Peterson has been there. 3 years now. Cardinals are one of my all time favorite teams.
  11. If Cardinals had a strong QB they would easily be the strongest team right now. They are looking scary even with the loss of John Abraham.
  12. I have had Derek Carr racking up points on my bench but idgaf its ROMO OR NOTHING!