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  1. I will take the Gangrel and Vy will take the Nosferatu.
  2. "How I came to this lifestyle, what path?" He twisted his mouth up in a thoughtful pose as he stared through Legoless for a moment, transported to someplace hundreds of miles and tens of years from here. "10,000 years ago, the world was created. This plane of existence, in the parlance of the educated. But there are others like it, as well. Many planes, many worlds. The Gods created this work, but many cared not for the work. The planes of elements lie in chaos. Others are mere playthings for powers that cannot or should not be understood. But this world was made for us. The Elf, The Tortle, The Human, The Dwarf, on and on and on. Yet this massive world for all of us sentient being is among the least balanced, Young Elf." Titian leans forward and takes up a discarded stick, drawing a complex design into it- his order's view of the dance of planes in the multiverse. "At the center of this delicate balance, in my tradition, we are told the material plane rests upon the Karmic Mirror." Titian stops for a moment, and glances up at the Elf, before a small smile erupts from his lips. "I suppose one should mention Karma, before we get to the next part." "Karma is the... energy of action. If you had a board balanced on the edge of a wall, this would give the board energy- for the board could be caused to fall if it became unbalanced. Energy is there. If you placed a stone upon the board, depending on where the stone is, the board can be caused to tip and fall, yes? This is the result of that action, of that energy- this is Karma. Karma can be both good and bad. Good actions accumulate good results. The being who is compassionate, who protects, who defends, who is honest and true- they accumulate good energy and good action and together this pushes one towards a good life- just as inexorably as the stone would cause the board to fall." Titian frowns slightly and looks away towards where they had last been, toward's the town of the Deacon. "Bad karma, naturally, follows along this same line." He seems to tear up for a moment, lost in reflection, before he continues. He steadies his breathing after a moment. "Sometimes the greatest villain begins the path with but a small injustice, so small as to be thought of as nothing more than the selfishness of children. But from this injustice arise others, and by the time it becomes obvious to all, even the villain, the Karmic burden is near impossible to counteract. At least in this life." Titian falls silent for another long moment. He stares without seeing down the road, to the south. The silence draws out to uncomfortably long before he blinks again. "There I am, lost in the past. My greatest weakness. Forgive me Legoless." He furrows his brow a moment. "Pardon an old tortle, but where was I again?"
  3. I expected a lot more given I played from 2010 to 2017 regularly and for several of those years 'religiously.' Go me.
  4. Telepathy is a spell that lasts 24 hours, so basically its all-day no concentration mind to mind conversation with one other creature, which is pretty cool. Getting that without Attunement is dope, but likely not as dope as the Helm.
  5. Technically, this has to be a stated property and many/most armors and weapons don't require attunement unlike wondrous items (rings, amulets, etc).
  6. Titian bows his head in turn, and considered the elf. He seemed troubled. "If you seek companionship while you Sit, I certainly can provide such." Titian shifted slightly in his seat and produced a skin of water to drink. "The deacon is resting. I saw to his accommodations last night. He is welcome here for as long as he needs, as many others are. He did not have any issue with quieting and considering his place in the world, as should we all." He shifted himself again, into a full lotus position one would think impossible for a tortle. "I appreciate your concern, Legoless, but you worries are unnecessary. These old bones have seen to themselves for decades now, and I have the assistance of many should I require it. Perhaps when next we are in the wild, I will come to need your newest talents." The tortle's eyes finally settle on the elf, warm and soft. "I should hope it would not come to pass, but I know my place in a battle line. Forever will I be scratched and scraped, stabbed and slashed. It is one of my purposes." He took up a formal position with his palms together in front of his chest and looked at Legoless as if he expected him to join him shortly. "Let us finish this conversation first, and then let us Sit until your heart and mind is unburdened. Soto-dath will guide you as she guides us all in the search for peace."
  7. You better bioware this insidious cult.
  8. Gold Before- 6010 Gold After- 10 Item- Bracers of Defense
  9. The woman smiled kindly and greeted Legoless with her hands pressed together in front of her chest, extending it to her. "Namaste, Miss Erenaur. Daikyoshi Titian is on the other side of the meeting area. If you step through the adherents, you will see him." She bowed again, and went back to her work. Through the crowd the form of Titian could be seen, in unmoving meditation. When Legoless approached, he opened his eyes and smiled. He looked tired in those eyes, but his smile was warm and he spoke clearly. "Legoless. It is a good morning on which I see you. What can the Ko'Mai'Nu do for you?"
  10. (Open) Titian escorted Redrick first not to the temple of Pholtus (or what remained of it after the quake) nor to the shrine of Pelor, but instead to the small cottage on the outskirts of the city that had become the center of the Ko'Mai'Nu. Titian walked with purposeful, slow strides as he sought to match the steps of the battered man. That he had taken a moment to shed tears had not bothered the monk, and he waited passively for the fit to end before offering a small clean cloth from his satchel to replace the used and monogrammed one given to the man by Legoless. Titian did not have any reason to hurry. His mind was burdened by many things, and it was not his way to hurry without cause regardless. The sky had darkened considerably during the last of this walk, once he had split off from his compatriots, but it was still light enough to see by. Nevertheless, the monk uttered a short prayer and his walking stick shrunk. The top of it curved round the hand of the monk and thinned while the bottom grew thick and fat, the colors shifting from the chestnut of the wood to the gray of burnished metal. Glass panes erupted from the middle of the bottom portion and set themselves into place, completing the formation of a lantern. Another prayer lit the wick and Titian nodded his head as he looked to Redrick. "A little farther, my brother, and you will find sustenance and peace. I apologize for the trouble of the walk.' Redrick nodded dully and continued to follow dutifully. They reached the outpost not more than ten minutes later. A small, rustic cottage with an attached dormitory, simple but properly made. The cottage had a thatched roof of newly cut grass, still more green than tan, and the walls were made of a simple plaster set with wooden beams still visible. Two windows, one to a receiving room and one to the kitchen, bore the welcoming glow of firelight. Outside there was a bustle of activity. A section that had been cleared, leveled, and prepared lay in front of the dormitory. It contained row after row of simple sacks stuff with hay for sitting upon, and at its center was a woman dressed as a monk with several adherents next to her. A bubbling pot of rice porridge was set up beside her as well as a cauldron of water with leaves for tea making, and a few dozen men, women, and children from the town sat and awaited instruction. Some seemed dismissive, and others new to the practice and nearly confused, but most sat with the purpose of those who were eager to participate. Titian reached into a nearby trunk and produced two cloth-wrapped bundles, before guiding Redrick and himself to a seat. He uttered another prayer and the lantern he held transformed into a cushion, which he placed on the seat for Redrick before allowing him to sit. 'It is no evil, to seek a small comfort in a time of need, brother. The lifestyle of an ascetic is a choice, not a chore.' He smiled kindly at the man and opened the cloth bundle before him, revealing three bowls that were similar, though more crude than, to the ones in his satchel for travel. He gently lead Redrick in doing the same, and then sat in quiet contemplation of the monk and the adherents. Redrick sat aimlessly, likely still too shocked to do much beyond exist. Titian wished he too could simply exist. Titian followed along as the monk-chef lead them in the Oryoki. He said the prayers, received the Dharma from the adherents, and performed his parts of the ritual. He was troubled, however, that he could not still his mind. He had been called to come to this town, Mado Curas, by Soto-dath herself. He could not have read the signs any other way. He knew she had sent him to the guild. As a tempering influence? As a guide? As merely another member to ensure victory in their mission? To end it, if the guild strayed from the Way? Titian's thoughts and questions bubbled out of his conscience mind like a waterfall, and in that moment he hated himself. The struggle is long, and hard, and I must remember that peace is the journey, not the destination. He took a deep breath and centered himself again. He still was troubled by not knowing his purpose here. He thought to the actions he had seen in the last month by his compatriots and shivered in anger. It is a necessary evil when one takes a path that leads to the suffering of some for the salvation of others. But are the actions of these interlopers necessary? I cannot fathom in what way they were. He shook his head and centered himself again. It had been many moons since he had sat with disquiet until it left him, and many years since he had done so for an entire night, but Titian was prepared to do so. He opened his eyes briefly to look around, and noticed that already the adherents had cleared everything, and everyone, with Redrick and others who lacked a home already in the dormitory. It was dark, now, except for the lanterns lighting the outside of the compound and the road to town less than a mile away. Titian closed his eyes again, and prepared to sit until his mind no longer roiled with questions and doubt. *Titan can sit, or meditate, for hours, so feel free to reply to this stopping by that evening or in the following morning*