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  1. If you are into the genre, I personally vouch for X-Com 2, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, and Divinity Original Sin 2. I also would vouch for Heroes MM, but 3 is pretty aged these days. Still, a dollar is a dollar.
  2. Engineer for lyfe. Engineer builds are where I am. Its Asteroids meets Hades, Rogue Legacy et. al by way of Geometry Wars art. It's worth more than 8 bucks.
  3. We have a weighted blanket and use it most nights. It's pretty nice- has helped with sleeping through the night more easily.
  4. Esteemed isn't the word I would have chosen.... But it may indeed be your turn to shibe, dear reader, should you attend this game.
  5. What is Anarchism's answer to Centralized and/or Imbalanced Power? Ineffectually or not, many systems of government offer answers to Power(and those answers can be manipulated or corrupted), but I don't know what Anarchism answer is. If there is a Jeff Bezos or Immortan Joe, I have no idea how Anarchism deals with it meaningfully.
  6. IDK if I'll buy it day of release but I couldn't possibly pass it up.
  7. I've been playing or running (more the latter than former) Tabletop RPGs for twenty years now, and I've developed a lot of opinions. As I was discussing these opinions recently, I realized I was, in many ways, effectively writing blog posts. So I decided to start sharing them here. Please comment and critique as you like since I do like discussing ideas. #1: The Problem at the heart of simulationist gaming (Context: Discussing the problem of how D&D is an ‘Action-Oriented’ game where players decide what mechanical course they take and then make the fiction fit it,
  8. 1. I have played older versions of vampire, so everything was pretty comfortable for me. 2. Fantasy grounds took some getting used to, and I still feel like I don’t know how to use half of it, but I feel comfortable as a player and think the tools are pretty solid. 3. I felt your style and play was substantive. Characters felt lived in and textured, and the interactions felt believable and interesting. 4. I felt like you paid close attention to player safety and handled everything superbly. Not a single comment to give besides great job. 5. Run more vampire. 😁
  9. Is soldering a high-difficulty skill or something relatively simple to learn/hard to master? Soldering is a mechanical/chemical process involving the use of a solder ( a metal alloy), and a flux (a chemical solution) to create a small joint. You may think of it as tiny welding (though it is a different process than welding). The most important thing about soldering is to understand what is happening, prepare properly for what you are going to do, and then to perform the task quickly (but without haste). Solder can sometimes be forgiving depending on the material/job you are doing, but yo
  10. "How I came to this lifestyle, what path?" He twisted his mouth up in a thoughtful pose as he stared through Legoless for a moment, transported to someplace hundreds of miles and tens of years from here. "10,000 years ago, the world was created. This plane of existence, in the parlance of the educated. But there are others like it, as well. Many planes, many worlds. The Gods created this work, but many cared not for the work. The planes of elements lie in chaos. Others are mere playthings for powers that cannot or should not be understood. But this world was made for us. The Elf, The Tortle, T
  11. I expected a lot more given I played from 2010 to 2017 regularly and for several of those years 'religiously.' Go me.
  12. Telepathy is a spell that lasts 24 hours, so basically its all-day no concentration mind to mind conversation with one other creature, which is pretty cool. Getting that without Attunement is dope, but likely not as dope as the Helm.