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  1. 1. I have experience with the older system. I think I did well with this set. I loved the pre-gen character I played. 2. It was great, actually. I have never used it before, but it's pretty nice. I like the option of zooming the whole UI in or out, and being able to change it from Full Screen without it being super weird. 3. I absolutely love your style. I find it really easy to follow the flow of the story with you, and I normally struggle with keeping up due to various reasons. It's great. 4. Yes. I think you did a great job of prefacing the game and letting us know we can sp
  2. Aw, Munsa, you are amaing, and I hope this time of rest will rejuvenate you. You definitely deserve it. If LD&D is over but the tabletops still remain aplenty, I really hope I can join a one shot with Voshay in the future. Social anxiety and all permitting, as you know. Everyone in this community is so abundantly and wonderfully creative. It is inspiring to see it, even though I may have not participated.
  3. Thanks for this great post. I would just like to add the Crisis Text Line for anyone who might find it easier to text than to call. They also urge anyone to call who is experiencing emotional pain of any kind- from anxiety to bullying to loneliness to suicide. Please reach out. Text Hello to 741741 from anywhere in the United States. Text Hello to 686868 in Canada Text Hello to 85258 in the UK. Also, you can reach someone via Facebook Messenger from the page. Just hit 'Send Message." Here is the link for better instructions and
  4. It's been a minute, but I guess I'll weigh in. I don't normally do this but I will today. My story is odd, but I'll try to share it and answer your question. I currently, personally identify as bisexual. I grew up, however, in a strict Catholic home and went to an all-girls Catholic high school (and then a catholic college). I have always been attracted to girls, in retrospect, but was taught outright that it was wrong, unnatural, and any physical intimacy with anyone of either gender was a ticket straight to hell. I also met my husband @MadCast: VoShay when I was 11, and I
  5. I know this is a common sentiment, but personally, if i didn't hold on to that hope/impression, i might be dangerously apathetic. if that makes me naive, so be it. i may not be very vocal when it comes to politics, but at least i'm listening, learning, and making a (small) difference.
  6. I saw this last night! I am listening to the album too. I wish I could distill the intense confidence and mettle of this song and take it with me wherever I go. I love it.
  7. I prefer red peppers myself, especially on hard-boiled eggs. But a hot sauce is also acceptable. I've had eggs with ketchup but I prefer spicy to sweet.
  8. Let me preface this by saying that complaining too much is bad for anyone in any instance. But I think “instrumental complaining” can be incredibly helpful for people who need to constructively deal with their negative emotions and find solutions. This type of “complaining” allows us to experience and understand our negative reactions and come up with solid solutions. For example, if you confront your partner about overspending, that would be instrumental complaining. And it would be a healthy and constructive way to process the emotional baggage while keeping focus on the so
  9. This New England Style Bun reminds me of sandwich bread. It's also in league with the Poppyseed bun for being the most delicious hot dog bun available. This New England Style Bun reminds me of sandwich bread. It's also in league with the Poppyseed bun for being the most delicious hot dog bun available. The definition of (n.) sandwich includes meat between two pieces of bread and the verb form also requires an item to be squeezed between two things, so maybe a hotdog is not a sandwich. I don't think one split bun counts as two separate items, despite how "in between" the hot dog mig
  10. Tension: 1 Calm Wind, Flat Ground, Road Kyoko seemed unhurried, considering his words. After a moment, her hands moved, and she pulled out two small red bean manju. She tossed one of them into her mouth and then offered the other in an outstretched hand. "I find sweets to be exceptionally tasty before and after a duel. Don't you?" As she finished the manju (and pocketed the other if the offer was refused), Kyoko unsheathed her long sword and strode forward to settle in front of her opponent. "Your sensei tends to drive his hand in clandestine ways." The
  11. Kyoko leaned against the trunk of an old Cherry tree. This spot was one of a rare few in the city. In the crook of the bend, the creaking boughs of this ancient tree had sheltered many over hundreds of years and witnessed much bloodshed. It would do so again tonight. The footsteps of her opponent echoed under the thick canopy, and she stepped out to give them pause. This would be quite the challenge. A small smile played on her lips as she heard him speak, and her eyes sweeped over his silhouette in the moonlight. She fingered the hilt at her hip. “It is Fate that brought us
  12. Kyoko was definitely not expecting to fight again so soon, but she knew the promise of rest was fleeting and weak. There was no point in responding. There was only one answer that hung in the air. One of victory. She pocketed the coin and placed the rice wine upon the table as she stood. She felt dirty and low but she would not let that deter her from the path her master had set. Her gaze rested upon the pair of men, her rivals, and she took a deep breath- steeling herself. She caught the next passing waitress and gave her a message. Now, she must wait. She tidied her clothes, covering her pre
  13. Kyoko took a breath before she spoke, and her gaze hovered upon the coin on the table. She was accustomed to accepting them but still felt unworthy of the gift. The clan was filled with many wealthy and influential people, and, as a lowly musician, she constantly felt like an imposter. Even with Batosu-sama's clear acceptance. She let out the breath she held as she spoke. "You have told me before to use my music as an anchor and hat I should prepare for a fight as I do for the pieces I perform. I have trained for so long, but I have yet to be able to assess my duels as quickly as I assess