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  1. Works for me. Currently Playing: Monster Train, Slay the Spire, Risk of Rain 2, MTG: Commander Has Experience With: Star Realms, Dominion, Spirit Island, Hearthstone
  2. I'm interested if we can find a time that works. Weds and Thurs are both good for me
  3. Party: Mara, Elio, Ogma, Vailii Mara got a letter from Deacon Redrick, asking that she bring some of her able bodied friends. When we arrived for the lunch meeting the Deacon looked sickly but insisted that he was healthy. Elio performed a divination ritual to see what if anything was ailing the Deacon. This ritual identified that Deacon was under some manner of enthrallment. Elio casts a Remove Curse, after being freed the Deacon volunteers that other survivors are planning to open a portal and abduct Erasmus Nox into the presence of the Cinder King. The party gathered as muc
  4. Date of Purchase (Posting): 5/17/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 5787 Gold After Purchase: 57 Items purchased: Ring of Protection - 3500 GP Level 1 Scrolls @ 60GP ea. [Absorb Elements, Burning Hands, Catapult, Charm Person, Disguise Self, Protection From Evil and Good, Thunderwave, Snare, Ray of Sickness] [9*60] [540gp] Level 2 Scrolls @ 120GP ea.[Skywrite, Gentle Repose, Magic Mouth, Scorching Ray] [4*120] [480gp] Level 3 Scrolls @ 200 GP ea.[Waterbreathing, Fireball, Erupting Earth] [3*200] [600gp] +690 gp, trading with horsedolphin 26 levels of spell transcrip
  5. 05/17/20 Downtime Before Purchase: 2 Downtime After Purchase: 0 2 Weeks training Company of Light. Result ??? Named NPC's: Privates Trillin, Yorath, and Alaric
  6. Tuesday, May 12th, 7PM Elio Sondale Level 6 Bladesinger (alternate)
  7. I have read and I agree to the Terms of Full Membership. Glad to be back
  8. Sunday, May 17th 10PM Elio Sondale level 6 bladesinger
  9. 05/10/20 Downtime Before Purchase: 4 Downtime After Purchase: Research(Backstory) . Result - 2 pieces of Lore Research(Cinderking). Result - 1 piece of Lore
  10. May 16 @ 9:15 pm PST / 12:15 EST Elio Sondale level 6 Bladesinger
  11. [@MadCast: RedJustice] Left hand resting on his heavy book bag, Elio looks around the courtyard. The striking figure of Hubert in the library window draws his attention, and he raises his hand gracefully in greeting. Seeing no one else to introduce himself to he walks towards the entrance nearest Hubert. Hopefully this endeavor pays dividends, one can never tell before hand if two scholars will get along. This is doubly true for wizards. Still... one can hope. "My name is Elio Sondale, I am recently arrived in the city. I heard from our mutual companions at Interlop
  12. Date of purchase 4-29-2020 Gold Before Purchase: 2592 GP Gold After Purchase: 1352 GP Pearl (100gp) Level 1 spell scroll (Jump, Magic Missile) (2*60) [120gp] Level 2 spell scroll (Earthbind) [120gp] level 3 spell scroll (Hypnotic Pattern, Enemies Abound) 2*200 [400gp] Spell copy materials 10*50 [500] Total cost [1240gp]
  13. Unfortunately I have 4 wood and 0 sheep. Oops I got excited about Catan and forgot I have something else in this time slot
  14. Friday May 1st @ 9:00pm as an alternate Elio Sondale level 6 Bladesinger