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  1. I've been playing since age 10. I did all of the things in school, marching, jazz, concert, my own projects, et cetera. Sax and drums are my mains, and I can fiddle around on guitar and keys. I do a lot of recording and producing these days and am still playing, currently in two active bands.
  2. Haha I was just about to say the same. And Pinterest. But that's not a dig! It's a compliment! Those who can make such things deserve recognition and if desired, remuneration!
  3. Hey all- I'm in a rock band called Mister Right Now. We made things. :) Below are links to the album on Bandcamp, the album on most of the other major Web services, and also to our first music video. Thanks for checking it out, and any feedback would be appreciated! Album on Bandcamp Album on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc. Video for title track "Had My Time"
  4. Congratulations to Epic and RedJustice for taking on an immense role and thank you for doing so many things to help the community over the years, thus earning the trust of the Founders and the support of the members. Congratulations to all the new admins, and generally, to anyone who has ever been dedicated enough to assume those duties and uphold those values. Eternal gratitude to Tort and Maday, the proud founders of the best gaming community pound-for-pound the Internet could ever ask for. No matter how well you know them, it still boggles the mind to consider how much effort and
  5. Are you really drawn to the profession, or to what you think the profession is? Sorry if that comes off as snide. In my opinion, especially with the experiences that many of us have/had, NO question should be off the table when considering whether you want to embark on the law school/massive student loan journey. There are tangible benefits to a law school education and I will always be grateful for having met/debated with/become friends with a large number of my classmates, particularly those who are also members here. If only I could have done so without having incurred a crippling debt
  6. Does multiplayer (especially APEX missions) affect SP? I bought the game last week. I'm in the early stages of campaign and am kinda in the same boat as some other posters: taking my time with the SP but wondering if I should already be doing MP missions (like in ME3), or waiting. Yes, I'm still alive!
  7. Personally, I LOVE this game. Uplay has its issues, but for straight up gameplay this game is so good. If you like the drama of one-life rounds, super-intense firefights, the mess, confusion and deranged beauty of a seige assault/defense, this game is for you. Basically imagine Counter-Strike: Source but with ADS, way more special actions and powers, and teammate outlines like in L4D. Balance is great, so many good characters, and so much strategy for a game that happens in 3-minute rounds. Other plusses: there is a "season pass" but pretty much no one bought it because, wait for it.... ALL
  8. I've played the beta for a few hours. I'm still not convinced to buy (or not to buy) this game. This post may sound negative, but it's really meant to be a series of gates through which one must be able to pass if one is to realistically enjoy this game. Before buying this game, ask yourself the following: 1) Do you like 3rd person shooters with a cover system? (GoW, Mass Effect, etc.) 2) If yes, do you like the idea of one in an open(ish) world? 3) are you able to navigate menus that are like 5 levels deep without getting bored or frustrated? 4) IF playing on PC, do you have at minimum an
  9. When I used guest checkout it failed, but after making a account and using Paypal to pay, I got my code in 30 seconds, loaded into Steam no issues, DL'ing now. FINISH HIM
  10. Done and done. Please note, what appears to be a lower-case L in my Origin name is actually an upper-case i. I had to do it due to email/account issues at some point in the past. BTW who's playing? I am. I love this game.
  11. Well, I can't see you on my list, so.....
  12. see: avatar predictably I am also an ardent supporter of the other pro teams in the city.
  13. MaIacca still waiting for my game key though. Jobo, did you drop me?
  14. Having played the beta last night, I'm actually quite excited. Battlefield-y in terms of scope, partner up, spawn on buddy, and THANK ZAKARUM it has ADS....but it's not just a BF clone. I went from "might purchase due to love of SW and hope that DICE gets it right" to "definitely purchasing." People will find something to whine about, but I think this game is gonna be great. BTW the graphics are SICK and it runs better than BF4 on my machine.
  15. Hmmm...there are certain BF mechanics that I hope it does have (but apparently won't?): -Squads, ability to issue squad commands, and ability to spawn on squadmates -vehicle selection, ability to spawn on them, etc. - ADS. I swear if there's no ADS I will freak out. I can't go back to games without it. I. JUST. CAN'T. Honestly, all I ever wanted was BF2142 with Star Wars skin. I can't be the only one.