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  1. I don't want to kick you from your session Support. I'm the one that's effected. And being that I'm happy to be the one missing out rather then you.
  2. Hello friends. Would anyone in the tuesday session be able to swap sessions with me (tomorrow/Sunday's session). I've had some real life stuff come up that has changed my availability for tomorrow. Thanks in advancement, Bainick.
  3. Valii, level 6 rogue scout, for Sunday the 17th
  4. Valli, level 6 rogue scout would like to assist
  5. Tuesday, April 28th @ 7pm. Content: Burning Hearth Valii, the level 5 Rogue Scout would like to help the people of the Burning Hearth
  6. Australian version of: The Castle.
  7. I am very excited. Secret of Mana was my first RPG I ever played.
  8. Here's Mine SW-6127-9468-4013 Splatoon 2 hoy
  9. And Scooba shows who is actually the one trick pony, GG Admins, enjoy the salt~
  10. So you're going to be playing Pharah? Exxxxxxxxcellent~
  11. Oh, sorry. Didn't realise having a month off, whilst you played continuously, was being taken into account I'll still cream ya
  12. *Yawns* Yet I was still sitting higher then you on the ratings ladder. And I'll even give you a month of not playing advantage over me.
  13. Considering it's a FPS that I outperform Scooba on... Sure, I like to taste Leadership tears.
  14. I'll be back home and ready to play Overwatch. And, if the team needs it, I can also participate in league, though my skills are that of a Platinum player I've been so long out of the game.