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  1. Bots > Multiboxers. Bots are the issue in classic. Yes, multiboxers suck but a lesser evil. I am interested to see how this shapes the landscape for TBC classic. I agree with the change but as someone who multiboxed in legion to try and get BIS lego's early on, it was a necessary evil (Understand this is not a normal scenario for what people use Multiboxing for).
  2. Honestly super excited about this! Now I can play league when I only have 10 mins to get a game in on mobile.
  3. Thanks Epic! @MadCast: Apoz that it has man. Hope everyone has been well.
  4. You best route those spare cables behind that MOBO FOR ULTIMATE CABLE MANAGEMENT! Other than that.... Congratz man Hopefully you spend lots of hours spending sweet tender gaming on it.
  5. You can use paypal checkout at TD still and get it for $170
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814129293&cm_re=visiontek_r9_280-_-14-129-293-_-Product Visiontek R9 280 219.99
  7. I just picked up this bad boy for my Rig at home. XEON E3 1231V3 3.4GHZ 4 cores/8 Threads TURBO TO 3.8GHZ 1150 SOCKET CPU $250/ $220 WITH VISA CHECKOUT This is the i7 4770 locked verizon for $50 cheaper without an iGPU. Don't be thrown off be the XEON either. It preforms exactly the same.
  8. With the holiday's rolling around I thought I would post this for anyone looking at this thread just in case Alan misses something (He's human Cybermonday/BlackFriday isn't). http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales It has every sale going on currently from Newegg, amazon, TD and Etc and is updated ASAP as soon as a company releases a deal. Some of the deals alan posts aren't on here so keep checking them out.
  9. The G3258 Doesn't bottle neck a 780Ti on BF4/Grid/Tomb raider so why would it bottle neck a R9 280? Metro is the only game that the G3258 dips in compared to an I5 4690k. *not trying to be diffucult but i've searched every for a con for the G3258 and there arent many to be found* The it costs me an extra $30-40 depending on the combo if I upgrade to either of those combo's from the G3258. Also the Am3+ boards are limited on how much longer they should be out limiting future upgrades. http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/pentium_20th_anniversary_series_g3258_processor_review,14
  10. b/c the Fx 6300 is worse than the I3-4130 and G3258 and gaming.
  11. $125 for a 1150 socket CPU. I do not want an FX 6300.
  12. As the title states I need help deciding from the above for a super tight budget gaming Rig CPU. G3258 Holds its own VS every processor in the $100-$200 in regards to straight up gaming on all major titles. The only reason I am hesitant to pull the trigger on it is that I want to be able to stream to twitch using Nvidia Shadow play or Amd GVR to twitch. I know these programs are suppose to reduce the load off the processor by up to 95% and put it onto the GPU. This allows the GPU to do the x264 HD encoding and not the processor. I really like this process as its only $69.99 and is by far t
  13. MadCast use to have a BF4 section but it was to inactive to keep apart of the community. I'm pretty sure though we still have active BF4 players who have servers they can recommend to you.
  14. The only 3 people on SHRC played good all series. Zero, Uzi and Insec. Corn and cola were out classed, just as they were out classed in the series vs OMG.
  15. Some of the Austin builds I would definitely recommend as all you are play is LOL, Dota, MC. I feel the $300 option is your best bet for now. You are working on a super tight budget since its not your own money. I say grab the $300 build and once you get a job start saving up for small upgrades every couple of months.