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  1. Check out the below website, and try out the "On Error" functionality. It should do what you want., sometimes you can run a function like the following pseudocode. If ( webquery.try() = True) Then webquery.get()Else Next QueryEnd if
  2. I know I'm late to the party here, but I recently got the game. Everyone above has been added. I'm loving the restaurants in luminous city. Those have been a lot of fun. FC: 3325-2812-0656
  3. ... I need to rethink my race for my "Conjure Lightning Hammer" Build.....
  4. I'd recommend the one that goes under the case to make it a complete unit. though do be careful that heat rises, so you will be dumping some of that back into the computer itself. But not much. that said, if you can post a side view of the internal piping of the radiators, I could tell you which one would perform better. I think the 3 140s might be better if the piping was done in a particular way. I went to school for Chemical Engineering, so Heat Exchangers are something I know very well. However, both are probably overkill for anything you are doing here. Edit: I'm trying to determine if the hot water enters opposite the side the cold water exits, or if they use the same side. Both are extremely common Heat exchanger designs. If they use opposite sides, then you should go with the longer, thinner model. If they use the same side, you should go with the fatter, shorter one. this is because if they use the same side, you will be using the cooled water as part of the cooling system. This makes it less effective at a cooler, but it allows it to reach a more reliable temperature because it is less dependent on the air temperature (IIRC). So one may cool 20+/-5C, and the other may cool 15+/-1C, or something like that. This balancing effect increases the longer they two streams are in contact with eachother. This means that to get the optimum cooling, you should use the longer pipes (4*120) if the cooler is a straight line, or the shorter pipes if it loops back on itself.
  5. On my desktop, I RAID0 two SSDs for the OS, and then RAID0 two Hybrid drives for the data drive. I've really liked the results. Where I think the problem is is that people run their page file off the hybrid drive. On a desktop, the page file can be the size of the SSD buffer on the drive. This chokes the functionality of the drive. Laptops seem to run with smaller page files, so that's why the performance seems better. If you get a Hybrid Drive for a desktop, unless you were doing video editing (in which case you probably need 15K RPM drives) I would go SSD/Hybrid over SSD/HDD any day.
  6. As far as I'm aware, used games is symbolic of a change in the relationship between publisher and customer. "Something isn't mine unless I have the right to make money off of it" Besides, it's not like steam is actually that much cheaper than gamestop. Steam just has better sales on old software. For example: Ultimately though, that convenience comes at a price. I can't use games for the 360 right now because their servers have been turned off. This even effects one of my favorite games. I don't want that type of system underpinning my entire console. I'm against a situation where I pay a company for the privilege of putting their machine in my home, then pay a different company for the privilege of putting their game in the console I don't own, giving myself no say about the things that live 24/7 inside my own home. It's not the $20 that's important to me, it's the right to get that $20. And I don't believe the claim that digital distribution will lead to reduced prices of new software, it will only lead to a reduction of abandonware. Steam works on a PC, as far as I can tell, because it provides the benefits of a (modern) console. 1) A single point of entrance and management. 2) Streamlined installation 3) Update management 4) Managed Saved data, etc. If all steam gave you was a digital store and DRM, it would be as hated and reviled as Origin, like it was when it first launched.
  7. Meh. CDs with load times was actually the worst thing to happen to console gaming. If I wanted to put up with that, I would just get a computer. Cartridges for Life. Agreement aside, careful about who you are calling backward thinking.
  8. Currently, I use a Wired Razer Naga and have mapped 100% of my skills to the side buttons. It feels phenomenal. if you were going in that route, but have the capability to wait a little bit, sometimes runs deals on factory refurbished Razer Gear (under the Woot, Tech, or Sellout sections). I picked up mine for $40. I've haven't used a wireless mouse in like 5 years, so I don't actually know how well modern ones work.
  9. Also, one last stupid thing to check: Make sure you can reproduce the issue on a second mouse and keyboard. Just in case.
  10. While I've only seen a few of the videos, and I'm not that much of a fan, there is one thing I'd like to defend, because I do agree with it: "Context doesn't matter" Lets make up an extreme example: lets say in the next metroid game, Samus crashes on a planet, loosing her ship, gear, and Chozo suit, leaving her only is a slightly revealing, badly damaged zero suit (Covers both eye-candy and exposure threat). She spends the first bit of the game running survival errands, finding food / bandage substitutes / clean water, but in typical metroid fashion. She even gets "Power Ups" from the natural environment, like say "Improvised Leg Splints: Bonus jump height" (she's well trained, so when she gets her leg bandaged, she regains more mobility than most would.). Eventually, she rebuilds her Chozo Suit, and the second Act of the game begins. While this game sounds awesome, I want to play it right now, there is still a significant amount of "Disempowerment" going on. And this disempowerment is covered, quite well, by the context of the story. So this game shouldn't be a problem. But when this game is "Disempowered, featuring a woman", and the latest "Tomb Raider" is "Disempowerment, featuring a woman", and then Mario games feature a disempowered princess, etc., etc., etc. ad-nauseum, even though these are all correct inside their own context, it's the overwhelming presence of this appropriate context that they are rallying against. Basically, the context doesn't matter because they are looking at games in aggregate, and not as individual works of art. Actually, think of Paintings as an excellent example. Imagine if every single painting inside a museum you regularly go to was exquisite and perfect. And it regularly featured male and female subjects, but it heavily featured males over females. In addition, every single female subject was a nude. Today, on your way to the museum, you see a protest going on outside. A small group of people are claiming that this museum is doing something horrible to women with their selections. You're friends with the curator, so you systematically march out every single painting featuring a woman. "What's wrong with this. It's exquisite and perfect. Why would you change any bit of it? It would ruin the piece?" And in fact, they respond they wouldn't. They agree with you that it is perfect. And you continue with every single painting, and every single one is just as exquisite and perfect. And after you finish trotting them in front of the protesters, you ask "Why are you protesting if you wouldn't change a thing about every single painting here?" And the answer is "The problem is not with the individual paintings at all, but the set of paintings available. Exquisite and perfect paintings of women can exist that aren't nudes. Why aren't there any here?" That is why context doesn't matter. I have my answers to the above question, I think that "Exquisite and Perfect Non-Nude Paintings" do exist in the video game space, and that they aren't as rare as they are made out to be. I get this way by believing that any game that allows you to choose the gender of your character features a "None Nude Female". But this doesn't matter. Every game that features a disempowered female is simultaneously contributes to the problem and isn't responsible for it. The context of that game doesn't matter.
  11. Actually, I would be. Right now it's in the curiosity stage. It works, but I don't know how well it would actually fare in the wild. But ultimately, this could be an effective way of doing something like Legends, so we can make it less team specific, which means that we'd be less dependent on having everyone show up.
  12. Hey Everyone, I wrote an Excel program that can be used to do "In house" solo queue tracking. For the security conscious, you don't need macros enabled to run the sheet. Basically, it ranks 100 different players. They can dynamically choose teams and play games against each other. Based on the winner of the game, each player is individually assigned an Elo/MMR ranking change. 25 games in a row can be tracked, and after the 25 games the base rating can be updated so play can continue. The web based version I linked should be downloadable, and if you download it it should allow you to select names entered on the first sheet to be selected from a drop-down list on the games sheet. Based on who's playing on each team, it estimates the chance of that team winning, and it uses that chance to calculate the Elo change the 10 players get. Anyway, let me know what you think of it. Skydrive:Lol Ranking Tracker