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    I am a simple Floridian ShadyKilling is the name i use because the first video game i ever played was samus with my father at the age of 4 and space reminded me of well Shade and destroying monsters Killing i know its weird but thats why i use it in any video gae i play and it is usualy never taken.. i joined this comunity because playing alone is always boring and saw this on the League of Legends forums so i told my self why not and thought this community sounded really cool and i may not make it far here but its worth a try ... it keeps giving me problems to put my Skype id so i will put it here it is Carlos Iziel has a picture of brand from LOL ... LOL is my main game so add me if you see this ShadyKilling is my ign and i can mid, top, and support
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    Video games, engineering, programming(havent started yet but i will as soon as i enter collage)
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    None yet but i am about to finish highschool
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    ShadyKilling, same on TS3
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    ShadyKilling, DemolitionMaster, ShadyRythm
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    DemolitionMaster863 (dont use it often i share it with my cousins)
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  1. Well i have been trying to use him as soon as i got him seems like he is perma banned for now or others will lock in instantly in draft or in blind theres a mirror match mid lane so i went and tried yasuo in a custom game to get a feel for his farming capabilities and his kit, its pretty strong not unbeatable but i like it a good lock down champ will destroy him in lane but his ability to deflect ranged attacks is going to be life saving to say the least he can even solo baron which i expected as much his wind wall blacks baron basic attacks so you all know @Nuracabra : yeah i agree with you but doesn't seem like he needs much of a nerf they might lower the armor pen on his ult because obviously 50% penetration + 35% from the people who get last whisper would disable many tanks so i see that being reduced quiet a bit to about 35% so it doesnt get too out of hand and his E may come in contact with a cooldown because his ability to get multiple shields from his passsive in a team fight thru that makes him deceptively tanky he will survive a lot of situation in which anyone should be dead especially late game when his shield is over 600 but for now he seems decently strong not overwhelming
  2. He looks strong theres already complains of him being "op" he seem well balanced as far as i can tell he is heavy item dependent with a weak early game and a strong mid game what are everyone thought on this?? op or balanced just from the champion spotlight?
  3. My question on this is, Does anyone have an approximate release date?
  4. i have over 180 hours in this game seriously all quest weapons summons and lvl 97 and vaan at 99 all except freaking yaizmat i still need 2 million more dmg but that double level is a huge game changer xD
  5. I am in silver 3 i have a good amount of mid laners atleast a good 15-20 and can play atleast 7-8 of them well my main four are Fizz leblanc Lux and Akali
  6. Candy Cane Miss Fortune Reindeer Kog Santa Gragas Dark Candy fiddles are the ones im hoping to get
  7. I got ShadyKilling from enjoying the assasination / burst in games and i thought well assasins are always hiding and its shady and they kill and yeah anti-climactic way to get my name but this started off in LineAge II and WoW
  8. Yes i have read the Terms of Full membership WOOT IM BACK Shady's back, Back Again
  9. sad just freaking sad attacking a video game company when there's proof against what they stated :/
  10. LoL IGN: ShadyKilling MadCast Rank: Candidate / maybe full memeber 2 days left Lane/Role: Mid, I can Ap Top, Proficient Adc Available Play Times (in EST): 8:00 pm - 1:30 am Sub or core member: Both up to the team
  11. Ten heimerdingers your argument is invalid or ten Fizz? how about 10 zyras what about jarvan, rammus? cant wait for this i'm thinking happy fun times
  12. I have had a decently Successful Season III I began playing ranked in late season iI, ended up in bronze v from there i had to work and haul ass big time lol i went up to bronze II, then back down to bronze IV, wehn i decided that i would instead of filling i would pick 3 specific roles to do Mid, Top, Support and then try to master them, with this i managed to get to bronze I about a month ago and began the teter toter to Silver V eventualy 4 and 5 points at a time i made it thru my first promotional in one shot support fiddles sticks and top lane akali with that penta kill got me thru to silver i finshed the season 3 in Silver IV as if though Silver v didnt exist i blew it by in 5 games and thus although it was hard i made it to silver and am very exited Season 4 goal ... Gold II
  13. i like the idea cant wait to see more on the lore and on the champion itself