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  1. Sorry, my ear infection is really bad and I don't feel well enough to play right now. T_T
  2. Well, some good news for your friend who quit his job (Stan and Scooba are right, that's a bad move generally). He is now eligible for pandemic unemployment insurance under the CARES Act. He can read the specific provision here. Additionally, this is backdated to January 27, 2020.
  3. Date of Purchase (Posting): 03/14/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 3016gp 96cp Gold After Purchase: 16 gp 3sp Items purchased: Dappington's Divine Duds (3,000 gold)
  4. Hi friends. Firstly, please be safe- wash your hands, avoid public gatherings, follow directions from local health care providers and officials, and monitor yourself for symptoms like a cough and fever. Secondly, even if you have symptoms or get sick, MadCast will be here for company and fun during a stressful time. For those of you with children, if there is interest in running some family friendly events (such as a simplified tabletop game) or a kid-friendly Minecraft server, we will investigate those options. If you have some extra time on your hands and are interested in running an event for any game or demographic, now is the time (and you should check out Living D&D if you have not already)! Thirdly, lots of people will be sharing information and thoughts about what is going on. I recognize that not all governments or government officials seem trustworthy or competent. Nonetheless, if you are sharing information about how people should protect themselves, please ensure you are basing that on professional advice, as it is easy for misinformation to spread online. MadCast is a gaming community, not a hospital. When in doubt, you should always, always listen to your doctor's recommendations! ------ Now for some other stuff from me: If you have a disability or health care plan and are confused or intimidated by the terminology and plan document, I am happy to take a look at it with anyone who needs. I am the plan administrator for my company and review various plan designs annually, so I have a good understanding of basic terminology and plan structures. It is worth noting that a number of major insurance providers are making temporary changes to their plans due to Covid-19 (for example, Independence Blue Cross is waiving all telemedicine copays for 90 days and lifting prescription refill limitations). Additionally, some short term disability plans have Quarantine Riders which would provide coverage for loss of income due to a health care provider recommended, or state mandated quarantine (these are not as common, but worth checking your plan document). Additionally, if you lose your job (or are at risk of that), I continue to offer help with resume and cover letter review. I do want to point out that the Department of Labor today issued new flexible guidelines allowing states to expand unemployment insurance coverage to those effected and unable to work due to quarantine or shutdown measures. The specifics are likely to vary by state, and may or may not be public yet, as this is a rapidly changing situation. The Department of Labor also published an FAQ about Covid-19 and the Fair Labor Standards Act, and Covid-19 and the Family Medical Leave Act today. OSHA has also released new guidelines regarding Covid-19 here. And finally, I wanted to share a list of pantry items that may be good to consider stocking up on if your area is shutting down and you have to make a grocery list in a hurry:
  5. Saturday, March 14th @ 6PM Hubert IV of House Starfall, Divination Wizard Extraordinaire, III Class
  6. Might I recommend RPing the investor pitch meeting in the other thread and confirming the details here?
  7. [ @MadCast: Kitty Stark] As Legoless enters the tent, Hubert sets aside a thick book with worn leather bindings, and waves languidly from a mossy green chaise lounge. The velvet on the chaise is balding in patches, and Legoless suspects it may have been salvaged from the rubble of the recent quake. The rear of the tent has been partitioned off into a small sleeping quarter, and the majority of the tent functions as a sitting room and study. An odd collection of antique furniture, textiles, and artistic renditions of none other than Hubert IV adorn the space. A large mirror stands on the right, flanked by two mismatched bookshelves, laden with an assortment of poetry and academic texts. In the mirror, a cheerful fire flickers and burns in an opposite fireplace that does not exist. "I apologize Your Highness, but due to my recent injury, I have been confined to this couch. Won't you please join me for tea though?" A faintly luminous hand appears, plumping and smoothing the pillows on a high wing-backed chair next to the chaise, and something- or someone- fastens the drapery behind Legoless.
  8. Adrel, Alas, my own mortality has stared me in the eyes. A lesser man would be shattered, but I soldier on, knowing I am destined for great things. Yesterday evening, I led a search party Terian Osmund, who went missing on his way to the Academy earlier this week. Naturally, I was concerned, as the boy had recently asked me a number of questions about spell casting, and poor Mareen was beside herself with grief. A great deal transpired in our search- I naturally charmed everyone whom we met, and they were quite cooperative in assisting us in our search- but to make quick work of the matter, the young man had summoned some number of devils (whether by accident or hubris I have yet to determine), which the Company of Light begged me to purge, naturally, knowing my great skill in dealing with other worldly magic. It is difficult to say if my nose or side received the more serious wound; I cannot imagine how their senses withstood the stench. But I digress- I led my retinue into the cellars of a home to the west of the Osmund Estate, where we were assaulted by the stench of rotting vegetation and sewer water, and an incubus disguised as a young woman in distress. Under my stellar leadership, my men made short work of the incubus, but as as we approached victory, a fearsome bearded devil, some fourteen feet high, with a massive flame-coated black scimitar, approached from behind. I saw in an instant that the creature meant to catch my party unawares as they were engaged with incubus. I had no choice but to throw myself in its path. The acrid smell of burning flesh- eight eyes black as midnight- the strange contortion of its knees. I shudder now to think of what it would have done to poor Rodrigo. As you know, I am blessed with extraordinary fortitude. I was grievously injured, but I stayed strong for my men. I have read that in moments of crisis, a single word can make the difference in a battle. Indeed, inspired by my bravery, they prevailed in banished the incubus and bearded devil back to the plane from whence they came. Despite my outward calm, however, in that moment, I realized that I am lacking a will, and was forced to relay the allotment of my major possessions to Correlian. I shall make a full and proper will when I am well enough recovered, but in the meantime, I will transcribe the key points of it here: To Trithemius: I leave my seated half-portrait (5'x3') to be hung in some auspicious location where I might watch over my retinue as they sally forth on future adventures. To Maureen Osmund: I leave my water color portrait (7.5"x4") in the Osmund rose garden, as I am sure she would like to remember our times there in the late summer afternoons. To "Legoless": I leave my life-sized portrait (8'x5') standing in the window of the Library of Samolure. I hope I have brought him some comfort and inspiration in these trying times. To Aery: I leave my entire poetry collection and beg of her to entrust my memory to the timelessness of words. To Rodrigo: I leave my precious cloak, and a simple request to memorialize me in a the sweetest ballad he has ever written. To my mother: I leave the remaining portraits and this diary, naturally, for future publication. My remaining positions shall be sold for the care of Correlian. He takes tea at three 'o clock daily, and prefers raspberry jam with his morning biscuits (seedless). I am sorry to trouble you with such sad digressions, but I trust I shall dream a fortuitous dream this evening. Once I am properly recovered, Mareen has promised to throw me the biggest party Mado Curas has had this year. I imagine we will invite Rodrigo to sing his latest creation: Song of Hubert. I shall transcribe some of his lyrics here, for your enjoyment: Demons await in a basement most fowl, Our brave Hubert investigates with a scowl. But little prepared was he to face, The evil foe of Interloper's Inc. Bravely outnumbered he was doomed to fall, But he took down those demons, standing mighty tall, Saving the town, the fate that await The Dashing Adventurer of Interloper's Inc. In the meantime, I have been researching some of the strange artifacts that have been dredged up by the recent quake, and I shall continue my work from my armchair. Hubert IV of House Starfall
  9. Discord is experiencing major outages. In the meantime, you can use this handy-dandy website to interact with each other.
  10. Adrel, As you know, I seldom encounter intellects that can withstand my own brilliance. This frontier city is sadly bereft of good taste, and I find myself starved for the finer things. It is a fated sign, assuredly, that I have fallen into excellent company in this band of adventurers. As I mentioned to you, His Royal Highness rides besides me, disguised as a commoner, and I have enjoyed his well-educated discourse. Additionally, I discovered that the lady Bard is a great lover of poetry, as am I. Indeed, she was so inspired by regal appearance and bravery in combat, that she wrote me a poem, which I entrust to you here: Look at his sparkling fine cloak Tailored, refined and bespoke Do not be fooled His combat is gold I've never seen such a fine bloke In preparation for the last adventure, I acquired a book of Elvish poetry, a collection of twelfth century villanelles, whose subject matter is the sea. I was delighted to share these charming verses with someone who appreciates them; the spirited discussion is nearly enough to make me forget the discomfort of my sleeping roll (I continue to research a suitable solution, alas). But I digress- as I dreamed, I led our charge against the hobgoblin camp with great success, but one of my less experienced men was captured admist the fray, and so save his life, I had no choice but to surrender us. The uncouth creatures failed to recognize me for the nobility I am, and despite their promises, they didn't even serve us any wine with our dinner. This was but a momentary setback, however. We soon escaped, thanks to my charming persuasion (I am irresistable, naturally) of the guards, and with my keen foresight I led our band northward, across the river, without any mishaps. The following morning, we reunited with some of the others. Thanks to my foresight, Correlian was able to summon reinforcements, whom I led in a fierce battle to vanquish the remaining hobgoblin forces. As I promised, I slew the hobgoblin captain who failed to deliver on his promise of wine, and we returned to Mado Curas. It took my unseen servant hours to get the mud and grime out of my beautiful cloak- Dumein would be devastated if he saw it in that state (speaking of which, I ought to find a spell to keep this clean as well). It takes pains to beautiful. The party at the Woodstint Estate was a wild success- every lady, and some of the gentlemen, were held rapt with tails of my latest adventurers (and I made quite the sight in my cloak, I must say). Due to the earthquake, my audience was somewhat smaller than usual. The Osmunds were not in attendance, as well as Violette. But the wine was excellent, and I'm sure I will have a larger audience on the next week. Hubert IV of House Starfall
  11. I can do the mission tonight if there is still room.
  12. Hi Juke. I'm glad to see you apply for membership! Best of luck.
  13. I wanted the stationary but glitches around option, as laid out in Hubert's dream.