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  1. If you have not contributed but are capable, please consider doing so. You will not find many more worthy causes. Kids in these situations have precious little in life and have suffered greatly. This is a chance to make a meaningful, real, tangible difference in a kid's life. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.
  2. Hello sir. Hope Christmas was great for you and the family.
  3. That's nice, but how did you come by a candid photo of Epic's wedding?
  4. Your recognition at this rank is well deserved and well earned. Congratulations to our new Staff members. To the entire community, I appreciate the opportunity to work with you over the years. I move on knowing the community is in good hands.
  5. I have owned it since release day but have not yet begun. I installed it last week. It's next on my list, if I can ever finish RDR2....
  6. I am a TSM guy, back to the General and Dyrus.
  7. It's a good game. I doubt I will have the time, but I encourage folks to participate.
  8. The Staff and admins of MadCast Gaming wish you a joyfilled holiday season. Each year, our admins and Staff give a large portion of their free time to provide content for MadCast and assure the community runs smoothly. However, MadCast has always held strongly to the principle that RL takes precedence and the holidays are a time to be spent with your family. Thus, MadCast Holiday begins today, December 24, and ends January 2. During this period, administrative responsibilities and obligations are likely to be delayed. No candidate votes will take place during this period, no scheduled events w
  9. Welcome back. People are still playing LoL. I don't know the populations of the community LoL channels but I'm sure we can get that squared away.
  10. The game is $40 at Target this week, incidentally.
  11. I live in Indy, so I'm available for the same.