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    IRL I am Dane Rickett. Corporate something or other with AT&T. I live north of Dallas Texas with my wife, two kids, and dog Gandalf.
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  1. Haven't played in any meaningful way since June of 2018.
  2. The system was pretty easy. This was my first time playing Vampire and Prince made it easy to pick up and play. FGU I had never used before. The interface was streamlined and relatively easy to use. Some things like knowing when to double-click or how add Clan features to a roll took a try or two but easy to get the hang of. I really enjoyed that you engaged in banter with the players as the NPCs. Even in an on-the-rails adventure it's always best (imo) to advance the narrative through roleplay and not "DM voice of god". Our group leaned into roleplaying our characters and you met that with equal measure. Well done. I think this was well done. You pointed out in advance some of the riskier topics and invited open communication and how the players could call 'foul' without feeling awkard. Again, well done. For my first Vampire game I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Being an exclusively 5E "forever DM", I really enjoyed the change of pace and narrative structure that Vampire allows. You've inspired me to explore running a oneshot of my own. Thanks again for your time and energy, Prince!
  3. Thank you for sharing your story and those videos/links, Prince. I watched the 13th this week and it was captivating to say the least. I’ve then started seeking out additional learning and it has further widened my perspective when consuming media/news. This from someone who considered himself ‘woke’ (I dislike that word) to the injustices of American systems/laws. It all has just left me incredulous at the timeline of systemic racism hiding in plain sight, changing faces every few generations and never seeming to fade or heal or be acknowledged even. Black lives matter or else all lives can’t; you have my voice, anger, and support. Hopefully this reads as genuine as my intentions. I would welcome any further resources and knowledge.
  4. I'd like to offer my time to DM. My son's bday is the 12th but I will strive to attend this.
  5. Hey Prince, this sounds really cool! Could I reserve a seat for Sunday 6/14? The characters that captured my attention were Blake and Rain. I'd be okay playing either. I do have FGU installed but have never used it.
  6. APOZ! Welcome back! Nice to see another familiar name!
  7. I started in Zuldazar and am glad I did. That zone was huge but super cool. Especially having been a big BE fan during BC days and having just finished a tabletop campaign in Chult. Lots of parallels and nostalgia. Hmu in game if you want some questing company or whatever. Lots of changes! That's been another piece of why I've stayed away from some of the other xpacs (MoP and WoD were nonstarters for me). There was always so much "pre-launch homework" and then the race mentality turned me off. Hmu in game!
  8. I've been pretty impressed so far with the latest xpac. My boosted boomkin is sitting just shy of 117 right now and I've really been enjoying the game so far. I don't feel the need to race to max level and start grinding out gear and mats. The last xpac I subbed for any serious period of time was WOTLK and that was before kids and "adulting" took over. Now, between the oldest starting Kindergarten, commuting for work, running the ecomm shop and generally just being a present member of the family I find my time is not as free as it once was. This is partly what contributed to me not subbing over the last few xpacs but mostly it was the expected time sink to be able to do anything with groups. With BfA, It feels like you can actually play the game in small chunks and not just enjoy it but be relatively on pace with other people. I don't feel the need to spreadsheet the path to BiS and map out how many weeks of farming tokens or mats it will take to reach that; valor tokens anyone? The small chapters you get to experience are fun and wholly contained in themselves while connected loosely to the overall theme of BfA. It reminds me of what I and many other people liked so much about questing in SWTOR. Small, non-rendered cutscenes that add to the immersion and are tucked into the most unassuming of quest lines. That may change at 120 but I'm in no hurry. For those of you that are thinking of subbing again or have written off the game in the past, I recommend the investment and spending a weekend or so reacquainting yourself with Azeroth. Of course, YMMV.
  9. I've got kindergarten orientation at launch time today but will be on after. Looking forward to some new content!
  10. This. Coming back into the game after a few seasons away I am still in awe at the amount of true damage available in the game now.
  11. If you have a champ you really enjoy with powerful cc and are diligent with warding I'd say try that out. You may not outright win the lane but you won't lose by a large margin if you do and you should be able to farm/hold your own and thwart gank attempts. I enjoy taking someone like Fiddle top lane from time to time. This. This is the hardest part of the game for any player imo. The only way I've found to be comfortable with it is to focus on learning the animation/timing of your champs aa and getting good at knowing what the minions hp bar looks like when it matches your base (lvl 1) aa dmg. I normally start out a new champ in practice mode so I can get used to moving, stutter-stepping while aa'ing. Once I have the feel for the animation, range and timing of the aa I turn on the enemy champion and make sure I can do the same with harassment. From there it's just repetition and practice. Take it into bot games and even aram, then blind pick and finally you should be good at cs with that champ and ready for draft/ranked. The minion hp bar doesn't change so future champs just need you to get used to their aa animation timing and range. ------------------ For me, I struggle with attack move and the different ways of enabling powerful mobility while not missing out on cs.
  12. I echo this. If this wasn't enforced I strongly recommend it. Players, streamers, and spectators have dedicated time to the event and anyone who signed up should respect that commitment with proper communication and consequences when they fail to exhibit the common courtesies. On the subject of balancing teams, I'd like to harken back to the series (I think 5-6) Yordle Conquest events I ran during Season 3 in 2013. ELO/MMR was not transparent at all back then so we had to get really creative with balancing. I should have the bracket spreadsheet calculations I can share in my google drive still. At the time we took the "public" ELO number and combined that with the player's tier, division and normal wins count. With the plethora of data, Riot makes available now, this could easily be translated to 2018 and made far better and automated. As Push mentioned, this is about having fun and bragging rights. Every player deserves a fair shake and chance.
  13. Defense all day with some healing sprinkled in here and there.
  14. I don't mind memes in the chats, as long as they are on-topic and don't get too spammy. Re: recent changes- I think the specific tags are huge. I was always offput by Slack/discord channels that spam @everyone and @here. Especially if it is content I'm not opted in to be interested in. The reduction in channels I like, mostly because TS liked being in a slim portrait shape on the far left of my screens and Disc just doesn't look great to me in anything but a more landscape aspect ratio. All that to say, I was not enjoying scrolling through all of the previous channels. Now it's clean and I can expand the channel trees I want on one screen. Having to clean up channels is something to get used to, but nothing more. Overall, Disc is pretty useful and the in-game control is very nice too.
  15. IDK how I missed that model being 144hz. On to the wish list it goes.