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  1. Best thing they could have done. It needs more work for sure.
  2. Game will be in maintenance until 12pm est today
  3. I've been playing my tag is Lunalesk.6185
  4. I've been playing a good bit on my own. I would love to get some groups together.
  5. I love this game. Bought it on a lark and it has ended up being my go-to party game. The NSFW card pack is a must have.
  6. I've been working on a build for myself actually.
  7. "Hah what a nuisance" Thorin attacks the golems Thorin finishes off the damaged dragonette 10 remain Thorin takes 2 damage 14/21hp
  8. LP is coming in on the left side from the copper line into the Black iron. probly 2-120s or a 500gal tank?
  9. Looks good. clean solder joints (just zoomed in might have to take that back) if it ever goes out on a flow switch issue backfeed water through and it should clear it up. Nice to see a DIY with the expansion tank not upside down