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  1. I haven't played with MC for a while and would love to get back into it, if you guys need people and I'm online, feel free to shoot an invite.
  2. Does this mean we finally have 5?!
  3. Dawg... I'm ALWAYS on!
  4. You know it son! If you need an extra player, I'm down.
  5. Can Mass Effect Trilogy count as one game? If so, then Mass Effect Trilogy, Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age: Inquisition
  6. I don't mind joining the Riot's Fantasy LCS if you run it. Just name the draft date.
  7. I'll be adding you and hope have time to play it this weekend!
  8. Imperial Agent is still my favorite with Jedi Knight being second!
  9. Emperor

    Finals Week!

    Done with the first day! This gif describes my feeling.
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