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  1. I'd be down for the 3rd. Lord Captain Kwame - 4th level Battle Master
  2. I will be using this thread to collect signups for my personal LD&D sessions. NEXT SESSION: Friday, March 6th @ 9pm. Content: The Missing King Jiggles - Drake Underspark Fifth level artificer Chibi - Kato 3rd level Druid of the Moon/1st Life Domain Cleric MajorHoward - Ogma, fifth level fighter DSO - Kyrel, Level 4 sorcerer Cloud - Aery, 4th level Bard UPCOMING SESSION 1: Late March Early April. Content: Something Horror Themed In your signup, please indicate the date you are signing up for, and include your character name and class/level. Please also keep in mind that the MadCast CoC will be fully enforced at these and all LD&D sessions. Please also speak up if you haven't played in a while, feel you are falling behind, or have any other concerns and they will be addressed. I ask that everyone, in the spirit of community, be ready to delay a signup if someone with a restrictive RL schedule has a rare opportunity to play. Please PM on the forums or Discord with any questions, so we can keep this thread a clean record of signups.
  3. Excellent! I have updated your perms both here and on Discord. Be advised that your login name is now, MadCast: Starlight. Welcome to the crew!
  4. @Starlight has received the necessary votes and is now a Full Member of MadCast. Please join me in welcoming our newest FM, MadCast: Starlight! Starlight, you have 10 days to reply that you have read and agree to the Terms of Full Membership. Your permissions will then be updated and your transition to full membership will be complete. Congrats!
  5. I'm down for "A", and Saturday night would be best.
  6. @MadCast: Cloud has applied to become a RFM and successfully garnered the 75% vote required and has thus earned RFM status. Please join me in congratulating MadCast: Cloud as our newest addition to the admin ranks. MadCast: Cloud, Please Grab Your Hammer and Make Your Way Here. Congrats and such!
  7. until
    Link to thread
  8. We could just make satellite HQs around other places we frequent. Should be less costly because we don't have to move them and because they won't/shouldn't be meant to house the entire crew. Even with magic, I'd imagine it'd be pretty difficult to move a whole castle and grounds. Instead of trying to move a few thousand acres, we could just have portals to our various satellite bases.
  9. I don't understand how we are gonna make this place mobile. Or the need to.
  10. MadCast: Quanta has applied to become an RFM and successfully garnered the 75% vote required and has officially earned RFM status. Please join me in congratulating Quanta as a returning member to the MadCast admin ranks. @MadCast: Quanta, Please Grab Your Hammer and Make Your Way Here. Congratulations and welcome back!
  11. Sunday is the Superbowl. Monday would be OKAY. Tuesday would be best.
  12. Yup. That's not that big of an issue tbh... ...because we can always do ^that. Don't have to be stuck in a single place where we are right now.
  13. Kwame would be of the mind that we have a stationary base that is both easy to defend as well as expand. He'd think it would make a good amount of sense to have it in-between larger cities inorder to have solid trade routes, and offer a way to grow the local economy in a small city to future endear them to us and our cause.