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  1. See the thread for additional details and discussion.
  2. MadCast Town Halls are meetings where representatives from current games branches and general administration will be present to give reports and answer questions from the community. The next Town Hall will be in our Discord on October 5th, 2020 @ 9PM EST. In addition, senior admins will be available and opportunities will be given for FMs and candidates to ask questions or express input about MadCast's game offerings, administrative policy, and other matters of concern.
  3. I this was supposed to be fixed as of a patch in May, but I haven't tested it.
  4. I'm drunk enough to taste this chicken tonight (8/24)
  5. Bump. This closes in just about 24 hours. Please feel free to reach out if interested before then!
  6. The thoughts of Prince Kevin Jackson: The kindred of the Camarilla are struggling. Not because we have failed in some obvious way. No, the structures of the Camarilla stand firm even through this... pandemic amongst the kine. This is not like the Blood Curse. For many of us, the Blood Curse would almost be preferable. No this is more benign and dangerous. The kine have holed up inside their homes and their governments have largely shut down our normal business operations where we had our herds. To put it simply, our food is too scarce and scattered for us to feed as we used to. Many of kindred have allowed themselves to go feral. Allowing the Beast to inform their actions due to their hunger. There have been thousands of Masquerade violations to the point where even the Anarch "revolutionaries" have begun to put these feral kindred down. Balthazar is not one to complain about work, but even he has told me that this is untenable. I do not disagree. He says that the old ones have left Philadephia and I could easily seize power there. He may be correct. However, I do not know Philadelphia. I have visited a several times, both in life and in unlife. It is densely populated and teeming with kine. I know that our people could easily move about through the night with less problems, but my connections there are not nearly as strong as those here. I know that many throughout the Midwest have already begun the migration. The Nosferatu have been escorting kindred out of the city. Many of them of my own council. Some have gone with my blessing, but some have not. I suppose my power here is diminished no matter the choices I make going forward. Maybe it is time for a change of scenery. I'll need to move swiftly. I have to get to Philly before some fool like Meeks or Scarlett Moon decides to make it their place of power. Fuck. Sovereign was right. I'll never tell him that. But there was truth to his words. It is time to for us be more than we have ever have had to be. ICYMI I'm running a VtM chronicle as the Camarilla counterpart of my Anarch focused Philadelphia by Night chronicle that will be streamed Saturday nights at 9pm Eastern on Twitch. These stories may intersect even if the characters between the games do not. Keep in mind that your characters may be referenced on the stream as well before you choose to sign up. This game will be MadCast exclusive have 5 players and will be played on Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern. I have 3 slots already reserved, but I am looking for two more interested players from the community. The signups for this chronicle are open to all Candidates+ and will be available until Friday August 7th at 11:59pm eastern. After that I'll be following up with folks who are interested and filling the party from there. If you cannot 100% positively make Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern, please do not sign up. The time and day are non-negotiable for me. If you are interested in playing in this campaign please leave a comment in this thread and a best time/day to contact you for a brief follow-up interview.
  7. I'm in. Sorry for the edit, but I can only go until 9pm and then I have a meeting. Sorry. I forgot to add that in.
  8. MadCast welcomes our members and associates to add their pronouns to the end of their names in parentheses if they choose to display them. i.e. MadCast: The Prince (He/Him)