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    I'm Chinese, An American Soldier, Army National Guard. Mechanic. :D
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  1. Good luck friend. Glad you applied.
  2. So, as to TS having been down, and it seeming to be a night of small tragedy, I believe this weekly occuring event will be held again next Thursday, my most sincere apologies, I hope to see you next week.
  3. I have read and agree to the terms stipulated. Thank you.
  4. Alright, friends. I was told a followup RFM application was in order, and that my prior application was considered, set aside, and Re-Application is the next course of action. Due to that, i'll be posting again for my interest in stepping into the ranks of the admin, and joining my fellow league players. Hello, I'm MadCast: Hakubruh, formerly MadCast: Demon, and I would like to apply for the position of one of the RFMs in the League of Legends community. I'm particularly focused in teaching programs, recruiting, or event hosting, and just overall inclusion for new people to the community or new people to the game. I hope to keep this succinct, but I'll do any things assigned to me and strive to improve the system or try to think of new systems that would work to improve league and MadCast in general. I've been a part of the mentor program before, and have also played many other games. WoW, SC2, D3, many various steam games. I hope that I will be able to join the LoL admin team again. -Thank you for your time and consideration, Haku
  5. The teamspeak is free to join for anyone, and the way to hop on is through THIS thread.
  6. good luck man, and welcome. Hope to see you around for ages to come.
  7. Implementing 1 on 1 or 1 on small party improvement, mechanically. Other than that, we have done good coverage of points and topics.
  8. Welcome, glad to see you posting, and around. Good luck on your candidacyship
  9. Hello and welcome. Hope to see you around the league sphere.
  10. Hello, it's nice to meet you. Welcome, and see you around.
  11. small easily obtainable marks to cover. Global pressure and how you can affect it. How to pressure and knowing cycles of aggression and passive play HOW PASSIVE is passive Will jot notes of anything i think of. Also, I'm here to help out in teaching things if at all possible.