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  1. We play shuffle board on Sundays
  2. Purchasing is complete! Final total updated in the OP. I am hoping to deliver everything tomorrow, or at least within the next 48 hours. As soon as I have pictures, I will be sure to share with the community.
  3. 12/18/2020 - We've hit a bit of a plateau. We've reached the witching hour. Last chance to contribute this year!
  4. Happy Holidays, MadCast. It is time once again for one of our greatest traditions. An opportunity to bring Christmas to those who otherwise would never have one. If you haven't reviewed the history of the MadCast Angel tradition, please check out the links below: 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2010 Over the years we've managed to step up and evolve this tradition into something bigger and better, year after year. This year is a big ask. Really big. We have an elderly pair of grandparents in their 60's that took in their five grandkids as t
  5. Their pandemic inspired release "Is Everybody Going Crazy" is super catchy and I often times wake up with it in my head.
  6. First, I am big on lyrics. Tell me a story, send me a message, something. Second, I absolutely love vocalists who use their voice as an actual instrument.
  7. Anything that supports options for expression I am on board with. I do not, and will never support a requirement for expression.
  8. Got it at the end of March. Worst "flu" I've ever had. Thankfully didn't have the respiratory issues that become life threatening. Lost taste, couldn't get out of bed, etc. Started to rebound after 6 days. Roughly two weeks after I was bed-bound I was back to normal. So happy ending, I guess. Working from home has been fucking amazing. I actually work like 30 hours a week, but get paid for the 40+ I was putting into the office. I managed to land a promotion, which has both been a curse and a blessing. I really made out on this.
  9. ok, but how did you just show up and randomly find this thread THREE YEARS LATER
  10. Can we form a 4th party together? I was thinking of "Dafuq" or just "Huh?"