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  1. Keep living in the past, old man. Why don't you tell the kind folks at MadCast what recent history looks like?
  2. Ahhh I see, can't beat anyone in actual mini-golf so you have to go virtual. I'm down.
  3. There's only one train that deserves my respect.
  4. The movie was meant to be a visual experience, just like Avatar was in its day. Expecting it to be a masterpiece and faithful adaptation of the novel was asking too much. For me, part of the fun was trying to see how many references to other games I could find in the film. While I enjoyed the book, it also had flaws that affected its mass appeal (Like the avalanche of obscure '80s references), and this movie addressed many of them. However, the movie only used the framework of the novel and changed up everything else, which is to be expected considering the novel had a lot going on. In the end
  5. Bought: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $10.04 Darkest Dungeon $9.99 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition $3.99 Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition $4.99 DARK SOULS III $23.99
  6. I am not a lawyer, but I do damages analysis for commercial and IP cases and communicate with plenty of lawyers as a result if you need insight into that.
  7. Dismabear / Guardian (Feral) Druid / Tank (DPS) / 868 Dizmatank / Frost DK / DPS / 852
  8. Same, work schedule cleared up for this evening. Tank/DPS / Dismabear / 866 / Guardian (Feral, if needed) / 11-16-2016
  9. DPS / Dismabear / Feral Druid / 850 / 10-19-16
  10. DPS / Dismabear / Feral Druid / 846 / 10-12-16
  11. DPS / Dismabear / Feral Druid / 805 / 10-5-16
  12. The Nova changes are irrelevant until they let you keep Snipe charges (or a lesser penalty) for hitting structures/minions. Otherwise she is too one-dimensional and only useful against heroes.
  13. Makes sense to me. Trash talk comes naturally to trash like yourself.
  14. If the doctor saves the person that the wolves attack, then the wolves do not kill anyone that night.
  15. I never claimed to be the vigilante, actually. The context of that situation was that I had forgotten Rife was killed previously by the vigliante (A kill I wasn't here for). As a result, the vigilante had used both of his tries, whereas I thought had one left. Cindy informed me that the vigilante used both of his tries, and I stood corrected. That was all. I had no reason to correct that interpretation though, since it further provided evidence to my innocence.
  16. It was an interesting game, thanks all for playing! I did not expect to be substituted in, but I am glad I was able to partake and murder all of you with my wolf brethren! Alas, the true tragedy is that all of my vase buyers are now dead. Ah well, more for me!