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    Cooking - Chef by trade
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  1. Possibly once I can actually log back in Thank you I don't believe we have, although I've had my eye on you..
  2. I can still hear you nagging me to return to GW2...
  3. I do remember you indeed, thank you for the warm welcome. Osiris! We need to play some Civ some time, looking forward to beyond earth? Once I get the authenticator taken off my account I shall be in game once again. Might just take you up on that offer. Who are you calling feral? You're the wolf, not me. Nice to see you again Thank you very much Kit, oh Kit. Where have you been all my life. I've missed that voice of yours
  4. ‘From the dark corner of the room, a shadowy figure emerges. Clouded in a thin cloak of dust, hunched over slightly with cobwebs spanned between its ligaments it approaches you. Shuffling its feet across the damn wooden floor it gets closer until finally its face is hit by a single beam of light that is pouring down through a hole in the roof. Surprisingly it is a familiar face, one filled with joy despite the battered body it is attached to. You know this face, it is the face of Bayhle.’ Hello MadCast! It has been too long. A lot of you may not know who I am so let me introduce myself. I am known in most games as Bayhle, sometimes Bayhet. I first met MadCast while playing GW2 over a year ago. A lot happened during my time at MadCast, some bad but mostly good. I left on a somewhat . . . negative foot, for which I apologize. I’m a fully qualified chef by trade but have decided to give up the career in hospitality to pursue a career in business. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Business Information Systems. I’m also from Australia. Gaming wise I’ve recently been involved in an Oceanic WildStar raiding guild which managed to push a fair bit of progression before leaving the game due to latency issues effecting Australians. Currently I’m spending majority of my time focusing on study, but I do still play the occasional random steam game. I also play Hearthstone and D3 on occasion. I am also currently re-downloading GW2 to see what I have missed in the months I stopped playing. I no longer play WildStar but have created quite a few guides related to its content if anyone is interested. You can find me on Steam: Bayhle For the record, I am not applying for full membership at this time. #Joboforpope Edit: I am unable to change my signature (due to permissions) if anyone is able to do that for me since it might be a little inappropriate to have the MadCast tag.
  5. I'd like to point out Mahret is not the author of this guide; but nevertheless you're welcome.
  6. I have had this problem in the past, if you're posting a large amount of formatting codes, like the spoilers, quotes etc it comes up with a redirect error. If you are trying to post something with a lot of those, try submitting half of it, then editing the post to add the rest; was the only work-around I found. If you aren't posting lots of spoilers and quotes, I can't help you, my apologies.
  7. This can definitely be arranged.
  8. Bronzebeard's Brawl 03/16/2014 First place: Keroame with Deck 1 and Deck 2 Second place: Scooba with Deck 1 and Deck 2 Third place: Bayhle with Deck 1 and Deck 2 Fourth place: Junodavidw with Deck 1 and Deck 2 Some video links:
  9. Thank you everyone who participated in the event! Hope everyone had a good time. First place was: Keroame with Deck 1 and Deck 2 Second place was: Scooba with Deck 1 and Deck 2 Third place was: Bayhle with Deck 1 and Deck 2 Fourth place was Junodavidw with Deck 1 and Deck 2 Hope to run another one of these in the future!
  10. Currently we are full on sign ups, but you can be added as a reserve in case someone does not show up Looks good Drag, best of luck
  11. Reminder, this is in just under two hours! Good luck to everyone