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  1. Syrax would like to come home please and thanks
  2. Im interested. sounds like fun for one game scenario
  3. no idea where a post like this should even go so if an admin wants to move it to a better spot. its fine by me. Hope to play with you guys soon.
  4. This is Syrax I will not be as active as I once was I broke my computer recently and do not have the money to replace. as well as im trying to move at the moment my girl of 3 years broke up with me and I lost my job. all this happened in the matter of a week so been a shitty month so far. Hoping things get better by next week wish me luck. Syrax......
  5. LoL Screen Name: Madcast Syrax Level: 30 Do not want to be captain Roles: Support/Mid/ADC/Jungle Heroes:Lulu/Thresh/Leona/Nami/Ziggs
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