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Found 1 result

  1. When: Sunday May 4th at 3:00pm Where: TS3 and The Bastion Server What: We will be leveling up with the Double XP celebrating May 4th. This event is to have fun and either introduce new players to the game, or reintroduce veterans to the new content and go through the story mode of different classes while taking advantage of the 2XP. If we then want Who: Anyone that signs up The game is Free, but start downloading ASAP as it is somewhat big and will vary on how fast you get it depending on your connection. The more the merrier, but knowing who intends to be there will be helpful so please sign up. Signups: Forum name - Class(Advanced Class) - IGN - Jobo - Sith Warrior(Marauder) - MadCast - Butterslit Sith Warrior(Juggernaut) - Butterslit - Mist - Sith Inquisitor(Assassin) - MistAssassin - A Bunch of Nuns - Sith Warrior(Juggernaut) - Nuns - DanKnee - Sith Warrior(Juggernaut) - DanKnee - CaptDiabetus Sith Warrior(Marauder) - CaptDiabetus - Kali Sith Warrior(Marauder) - GummiWorms - Finalsolution Sith Inquisitor(Sorcerer) - Solutions - Cake Bounty Hunter Cakesy - TenorMadness Sith Warrior - Daahoud. - QuantMentat Bounty Hunter Quanta - Funkazaur Sith Sorcerer Funk - Leide Sith Warrior - Sotar - Crazy - Thort - Listerfiend - Poliar - Demon (Tentative) MadCast CoC will be enforced, NO exceptions. RULES: 1. Have fun 2. Have more fun 3. Help others have fun