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Found 21 results

  1. Welcome welcome. This is an official announcement of the first (of hopefully many) MadCast Spleef tournaments! This will take place this Saturday, 9/28/2019 at 7pm EDT. If you're unaware of what Spleef is, it is a Minecraft mini-game played on a field of blocks that are easily destroyed. Usually snow. This field is placed several blocks above a pool of Lava. Each player is given a shovel, the last person still standing on the snow wins! You don't need anything special other than a copy of the JAVA version of Minecraft to play with us! Everything is set up and ready to go, and most of the event is automated! This will be a 1-on-1 double elimination tournament. The winner will receive bragging rights they can hold over everyone else as MadCast's resident spleef champion. (I am considering other forms of prizes for the winners, and will update accordingly). This event shouldn't take long, and how long it does take will depend on the number of participants. And afterwards, who knows? There's a ton of stuff that can be done in Minecraft in groups, so we'll see what comes up. If anyone has ANY questions pertaining to this event, to Minecraft mini-games or about Minecraft at all, please don't hesitate to ask! If you'd like to sign up early, please do so below! This will give me at least somewhat of an idea of how many will be attending. Thanks!
  2. So, I'll be heading up Funday Monday for the next few months. In order to keep modes in rotation in one location that's easy for me to edit (yup, posting out of laziness ,) this will be the new event thread for Funday Monday. Looking to spice things up a bit and will be adding game modes as we try them out to see if they're viable and fun to play Any ideas for a new mode are more than welcome, and if they seem feasible, may make it into the rotating queue. Either post ideas here, or shoot me a message. As it stands now, the modes that will be rolled on each week are as follows: 1 Team Nation - All champs on a team share a nationality (Demacia, Noxus, Bandle City, Ionia etc.) 2 Team Mechanic - All champs on a team share a mechanic (stun, dash, root, dot etc) 3 Team Role-Tag - All champs on a team share a role as defined by champion select tabs 4 Team Item - Random Champions - All champs on a team build the same first item (boots, pots, and starting items are allowed before selected items) 5 Color Madness - Random Champions - Each player selects a unique color before champ select, all items built must predominantly feature that color ( ) ( Color Madness Item ) Big thanks to @Simaniac 6 Team Smite - All champs take smite, after a gank (successful or not) the jungler takes the place of the lane that was ganked and that lane goes to the jungle 7 Team Species - All champs on a team share a species (yordles, void monsters, constructs etc.) 8 Hate Picks - Your enemy picks your champ (coin toss to see if teams swap) 9 Zero DPS - Random Champions - No offensive stats can be built (No sheen items - by popular demand) 10 Glass Cannon - Random Champions - No defensive stats can be built 11 Ultimate Bravery - Random Champs and Builds - as determined by 12 Piano Keys - All Items built must have an active effect 13 Protect The Soraka - Both teams have a Soraka. The objective is to kill the enemy Soraka more times than they kill yours. Winner is determined by which team kills the opponent's Soraka more times. Kills made by Soraka count towards their respective team's total 14 Mage-dcs - All players pick champions with abilities that scale of of stats outside of their primary build path (excluding true hybrid champs such as Kai'Sa and Ezrael) and build to that stat (AP Miss Fortune as an example.) If a champion is traditionally built tank, you have to build contrary to a "standard" damage build (No AP Malphite) 15 RPG Items- You have to fill out an RPG characters item slots. Helm, Boots, Torso, Main hand, Off Hand and Accessory. You are allowed to Dual wield for characters such as Olaf who is actually carrying 2 weapons. Spreadsheet can be found here: (All except Team Smite can be played on Howling Abyss as well as the Rift) (Laning phase for matches that rely on it for the mode will be defined as lasting until one team loses any 2 turrets)
  3. Since the last event went well, I will be hosting another event for Don't Starve this coming weekend. Whether you are super-new to the game, still learning deeper strategies, or a seasoned pro, you're welcome to join us! As a team we got a really nice base established last time, and I will be hosting on the same server this time. Feel free to ask any questions about the game here! The event will begin at Noon Eastern Time on Saturday, May 18th. Please express your interest here to ensure you get a spot, as there are only 6 slots on the server.
  4. Report For Booty Tuesday Nights 8:30Pm Eastern/ 7:30 Central The point of this event is to get a group of people together at a specific time to take the ocean by storm. With new content coming out a great rate, Sea of Thieves is an awesome option for serious and non-serious gamers alike. Come, hang out, play music, drink grog, slay Krakens, and earn shiny gold with fellow MadCasters. If you are new to Sea of Thieves, shoot me a message, and we can help get you started! Last Weeks Winners: Shattered, CoachRivers, Crippled Cookie, Parmejon Cheese. Comments Concerns This week, big update is happening July 31st in the morning. First LARGE expansion to the game. With introduction of the enemy ghost ship, and the Brig for larger crews. We hope to take advantage of the new content.
  5. MasterWonton's Superfight Arena! Superfight is a card game that pits two hypothetical combatants against each other. Imagine all your favorite heroes, villains, monsters, and people are given random effects and thrown into an arena, and YOU need to place your bets! It is super easy to hop right in and play, and you can easily step in and out as is convenient, so if you don't have time for the whole tournament you are still encouraged to hop in and play as long as you can! We will be playing Saturday May 2nd 8:00 PM to midnight (EST). [sFM]MadCast: Kit will be administrating and co-hosting the evenings activities. Everyone is encouraged to join us, although [C]+ will take priority. We will be playing 2 rule variants and full rules will be taught during the event. [8:00-10:00] Wonton's Duels: 2 players argue the cases of 2 random combatants in a location decided by unbiased outsiders, you have a limited amount of time to make a case as to why your fighter would win, after which all non combatants vote on the victor. The winner keeps the court and the loser picks the arena of the next fight. [10:00 - 12:00] Supervillain: 1 player is the supervillain. He / She may craft the perfect villain based on a set of draws. Everyone else creates what they think would be the ideal hero to take the villain on. the heroes get 1 minute each to argue how your hero would defeat said villain and the most effective superhero is decided by the villain. Both games will be scored separately and the winners of each will face off at the end of the event in a final battle to determine the champion! Wonton's Duels supports almost unlimited people and it is very possible to take part without actually being in Tabletop simulator. Supervillain however only supports 8 players and tabletop simulator is a necessity, but everyone is still welcome to hang out in TeamSpeak and contribute to the conversation, or just listen in, trust me it will be entertaining. you can find tabletop simulator here. Please add me on steam before hand here. I look forward to seeing you all there!
  6. Hey Everyone! We're looking to have an awesome party in WarFrame (10x as FREE as SWTOR!!!) to celebrate the completion of our Dojo! That's the clan home that we all get to hang out in as MadCasters playing WarFrame! There's a catch though, and I don't mean BYOB or Potluck. To get into the Clan Dojo, you need to build a key- and that takes 12 hours! We also can't invite you into the clan until the walls are put up. So we are hosting a Preparation Event on the 9th for everyone interested to start up their new WarFrame experience, get some basic levels/gear, get invited to the MadCast Clan, and start their Clan Key so we can all have a party together on the 16th! Here's the steps to be part of this Event: 1. Download WarFrame here: 2. PAY ABSOLUTELY ZERO DOLLARS 3. Head to the Channel called 'WARFRAME PARTY PREP' at or after 4PM EST. 4. PLAY WARFRAME AND HAVE FUN You could also load it up right now and play with us if you just can't wait to play a FREE game with MadCasters both new and ones you already know and love! We are happy and excited to assist you in starting out and learning how to play. If you want to check the MadCast Guide on WarFrame (currently in progress) its got tons of useful info as well: Good Luck Tenno!
  7. Event name: MadCast: Assassin's Greed Event Description: Do you have what it takes to become the MadCast Grand Master Assassin? Do you happen to like the Assassin's Creed Series? Well then, join up the event where "Nothing is true, and everything is permitted". Absolutely no restrictions on items/summoner skills/champions. Pull the dirtiest, trickiest, burstiest play in your pocket to win the MadCast Community Assassin's Greed 1v1 Tournament. Details: Event type: Howling Abyss 1v1, single elimination, open to [C]'s, and FM+ Event date and time: Sunday, September 21 @ 05:00PM EST Champion pool allowed: all champs | 3 bans per player Event Victory Conditions: A kill AND Either 100 CS OR 2nd turret (you must kill the opponent, hence assassin's greed) Event Reward: 1st place: $20 RP AND Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag for PC code 2nd place: $10 RP and my eternal gratitude for participating in my first event 3rd place and down: my eternal gratitude for participating in my first event How to join? Simply comment/reply to this thread. MadCast's attendance policy is in full effect for this event.
  8. Join me for an i52 stream watching party in TS as we watch the best of Europe and North America. Schedule and streaming available at . Games run all day long Saturday with Grand Finals on Saturday night/Sunday morning i52 will be the third event that features TF2 teams from around the world competing at one event. If anyone is new to watching competitive TF2 I will be on hand for questions and a brief explanation of the format. TF2 is a great spectator sport and the LAN matches almost always deliver.
  9. Where Friendship Goes to Die When: Sunday, July 20th - 8:00pm EST So, the rules of the game are simple: -Start a Co-op vs. AI (Intermediate) match -Click random and Auto-lock your Champion -Build however and Lane wherever you want -KILL OFTEN AND DIE RARELY The scoring goes as follows: (# of Kills) + (1/2 of the Assists) (# of Deaths) NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS! Do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive, to get your friends decimated, and KILL STEAL (Ahem, SECURE) like there’s no tomorrow!!! This encourages everyone to turret dive, to flash or ghost to leave friends behind, to bait bots into low health players, and to prolong the defeating of the nexus to scrape out a few extra points. The point system is weighted to give reward to those who do the most killing, to give partial credit to those who obtain assists, and to severely handicap those who die. You may get the most kills in the game, but if you die a lot, you’re apt to lose! You’re really against your own teammates: FRIENDS are the real enemy!!! Good Luck in Summoner’s Rift And may the best Backstabber achieve VICTORY! No sign-ups required. Show up, play, have fun. MadCast CoC WILL be enforced.
  10. My Wildstar homies: First off, congrats to all the new 50s who dinged this week! We have really been building some positive momentum as a guild in the last week. Many of our max-level players have been achieving milestones in the attunement process, and we have started to consistently run Veteran Dungeons with our more advanced players. While this post is specific to Tuesday 7/8, I'd like to make this a standing event until we are all progressed enough to field a raiding team (for those interested). Please be in Teamspeak at 8:45, so we can begin to organize dungeon/adventure teams. If you plan on joining, please make sure you allot at least 2 hours to the event. If you are certain you are attending, please post here. Include your role/class, and if you need to run either adventures or dungeons. Please contact any of the Wildstar admins if you have questions. Thanks!
  11. You walk up to a dimly lit Inn with an old wooden sign above the door that reads “Thunderbrew Distillery”. You can hear quite the commotion coming from inside and your parched lips are in dire need of a drink. You slowly push the door open… “Well doan’t just stand there in the doorway, c’moan in and shut the door. Ye look mighty cauld so why doan’t ye grab a seat over by the hearth and I’ll grab ye a fresh mug ‘o ale.” The Innkeeper promptly brings you a wooden mug of ale. He quickly wipes his hands on his trousers and then gives you a keen look. “So ye might be wondering why there ur so many blootered people here tonight, well let me tell ye. Old Brann Bronzebeard hiz just opened up the entries to his famous card tournament. Bar ye see this time roon’ it’s different, efter consulting wi’ his brothers he hiz decided to open the tournament to a’ the races that inhabit these lands; even those pesky kobolds.” “Say, ye look like a bit ‘o a card sharp yersel’, why no’ pit yer name doon to enter? The rules for the tournament kin be seen oan that piece ‘o parchment over there an’ right next to it is where ye kin pit yer name doon to enter.” “Well I ‘ave to get back to cleaning this manky place, best ‘o luck to ye though!” You walk over to the piece of parchment that the Innkeeper pointed out to you and begin to read it; Tournament Date Bronzebeard’s Brawl will be held on March the 16th at 8pm EST (MadCast time). Rules Each participant will enter the tournament with two 30 card decks.The two decks entered must be made using different Heroes.Each deck will have a maximum of two (2) legendary cards.Winners must win two games against their opponent to proceed to the next round (best of three).At the start of each round you can choose which of the two decks you will start with.When you lose a game against an opponent, you must use your second deck on the next game.When you win a game against an opponent, you must use the same deck in the next game.The MadCast CoC will be fully enforced during this event.If your opponent is 10 minutes late to your match up, you are awarded the first game as a win.If your opponent is 20 minutes late to your match up, you win the match and move on to the next round.Priority will be given to [C] and FMs of MadCast when the seeding takes place.Tournament Seeding Participants will be randomly paired together and placed in a tournament bracket.Participants who win two out of three games against their opponent will progress to the next round.Third and fourth place will be decided by a separate match up after the participants in the finals have been decided.Prizes The winner of Bronzebeard’s Brawl will be crowned MadCast Hearthstone Grandmaster and will receive; A place in the Hearthstone Tournament Hall of FameTournament Champion BadgeAll important bragging rightsEntries To enter into Bronzebeard’s Brawl, simply reply to this thread with your Battlenet ID. You are also required to enter the two decks you will be using prior to the tournament start. You can do this either by posting hearthpwn or hearthhead links to your deck in this thread, or via PM to myself if you rather keep them a secret. As decks are ever changing you are not required to notify me of your decks until the 15th of March (one day before the event). Entries will close on the 15th of March. If you have not signed up before this date you are NOT guaranteed a position in the tournament. Example Entry: Battletag: Bayhle#1821 Deck 1 Deck 2 Entry List: SabreWolf#1960Scooba#1135Tubby#1200Kero#1269Shadow#1107germphone#1998BcauseDonuts#1705Tomas#2883Kaiser777#1218Coverfire#1550DonaldsLoL#1170Atti2k#2370Junodavidw#1497Bayhle#1821Dragnosis#1884bobgar#1673Substitutes: Note: Thank you Funkazaur for the amazing graphic.
  12. "The true test of civilization is, not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops - no, but the kind of man the country turns out." --Ralph Waldo Emerson The new world needs leaders; it has lain dormant for hundreds of years and now it looks to you for guidance. Who will you choose to be? How will you choose to rule your people? How will you win? Date: Friday 7th February 2014 Time: 8 pm EST Welcome to what will hopefully be the start of a fantastic night full of trade, war and deception. Friday the 7th of February at 8pm EST we will be hosting a Civilization V night and will now be taking sign-ups. Depending on interest and sign-up preferences we may hold two games – a free for all, and a team’s game. The rules; All FM+ members and cadidates of MadCast can participate. Priority goes to those who have signed up. If you turn up on the night, you may be able to participate, but it’s not guaranteed. The MadCast CoC will be enforced The MadCast event attendance policy will be enforced We will be gathering at 8pm EST for an 8:30pm EST start. If you are not in teamspeak by 8:30pm, you will miss out. Do what you must to win.Map type and game rules will be set closer to the start date, and will change depending on the expansions people have. You can sign up at any time up until the day of the event. If you would like to join in please sign up using the following format; Steam Name: Expansions you own: (Gods and Kings/Brave New World) Preferred game type: (Free for all or teams) Preferred Civilization: Or you can sign up by filling out this form. Let’s get together and have a good night in Civ 5, I hope to see you all there. "Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war let it begin here!" --John Parker Sign ups; MadCast: Bayhle MadCast: Dragnosis MadCast: Bainick [C] GrimWolff ([AT] grimwolff) MadCast: Soupcup (Soupcup) [C] ScarFace (Scar'd) MadCast: Zan (Madcast Zan) MadCast: Osiris Games: Game 1 (Vanilla) Team 1: MadCast: Bayhle MadCast: Dragnosis Team 2: [C] ScarFace [C] GrimWolff Game Setup: City States: 4 Map Type: Small Continents Map Size: Large Game Pace: Quick Game Era: Ancient Turn Mode: Hybrid World Age: 4 Billion Temperature: Temperate Rainfall: Wet Sea Level: Medium Resources: Legendary Start All Victory Types Advance Game Options: The following options are to be turned on; Allow policy saving Allow promotion saving Quick combat DLC All Nation DLCs Game 2 (All Expansions) Team 1: MadCast: Osiris MadCast: Zan Team 2: MadCast: Bainick MadCast: Soupcup Game Setup: City States: 4 Map Type: Large Islands Map Size: Large Game Pace: Quick Game Era: Classical Turn Mode: Hybrid World Age: 5 Billion Temperature: Cool Rainfall: Normal Sea Level: Medium Resources: Legendary Start All Victory Types Advance Game Options: The following options are to be turned on; Allow policy saving Allow promotion saving Quick combat DLC All DLC
  13. Kit

    MCG Lottery!

    Are you looking for riches beyond measure? Now is -YOUR- chance to win! Introducing the MadCast GW2 Lottery! How do I join? Send 25 Silver to KitOnlyHuman.6807 via GW2 mail including a number between 1-100. How many tickets may I buy? Only 10 tickets may be bought by an individual per week capping the price at 2 Gold, 50 Silver. What happens if more than one person wins? The pot is split evenly among those with the winning number. How will the number be chosen? A random number generator will be screenshot at the time of the drawing and posted shortly after. When is the drawing? We will draw the winning number every Wednesday evening at the beginning of guild missions. Is presence during the drawing mandatory to win? No! The winner will be contacted by mail with their winnings immediately after the drawing! How much can I win? Every week's pot will be over 10 Gold guaranteed! Every ticket price is pulled into the pot with a small 20% tax that is donated to the bank. If there is not a winner, the pot will carry over to the next week, making a JACKPOT of gold! Why is there a tax on the lottery? The 20% cut from the 25 Silver each (5 Silver) is a donation towards the guild to continue funding events and prizes for our members. IMPORTANT All messages must be received by 8:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday to qualify for the drawing that evening! Have other questions? Feel free to contact MadCast: Kit and/or MadCast: Cake.
  14. In the spirit of Christmas, we will be hosting a secret Santa! We have thought long and hard about how exactly to set this up, and have decided on a very organized and fair way of doing a secret Santa. We will be having three different ‘tiers’ of gifts you can sign up for; the purpose for this is you can select the amount of gold to give out, and receive, as we have newer members, we wanted to have a lower cost tier, so those members can still participate. Tier one Price range – 1 Gold Tier two Price range – 5 Gold Tier three Price range – 10 gold How to participate: Participating is easy! A little closer to the start of December, a thread will be posted with sign ups, all you need to do is reply to the thread, expressing your intent to join in. You can participate in as many tiers of the Secret Santa as you want; if you only want to spend 1 gold on gifts, just sign up for tier one, if you want to spend a whole 16 gold, sign up for tier one, two and three! Rules: To keep things fair, I would appreciate if everyone got as close to the price range as possible when they are gifting to other members. Obviously finding a gift that is exactly that price is going to be difficult, so a small variation is absolutely fine. Keep in mind that someone will be gifting you something back, so please, don’t spend 10 gold on toilet paper for Kostus! We will be taking a list of all names that sign up for each tier, and assigning a random person for everyone. This means if you are given someone to give a gift, they will not be assigned to giving you a gift back, this means you won’t be able to know who is gifting to you, only who you are gifting to keep things truly secret! Once you have been assigned a person to gift – please don’t send your gifts until Christmas day, if you are going to be unavailable Christmas day, you can send it the day before, or after. If you are interested in participating in Secret Santa, sign up and share some Christmas love. Thank you Jobo for the amazing graphics, you really are a God. Participants: MadCast: Bayhle - Tier 1, 2, 3MadCast: Kit - Tier 1, 2, 3MadCast: Mahret - Tier 1, 2, 3IsayHooah - Tier 1, 2, 3MadCast: Jobotoo - Tier 1MadCast: Dragnosis - Tier 1MadCast: cakeisalie2k - Tier 1, 2, 3MadCast: DownyTif - Tier 1, 2MadCast: TenorMadness - Tier 1, 2, 3Essjaybee - Tier 1, 2JTye - Tier 1, 2, 3
  15. Starting December 1st entries will be opening for our Wintersday's Wardrobe Wonder! This is a fashion show event and will run all month, with entries closing December 31st. We want to see your best Christmas themed costumes in a Christmas themed place of your choice! Entries will be voted on by Cake and myself at the end of the closing period. To enter, all you have to do is take a screenshot of your outfit in Christmas themed colors (Red and white, green and white, or any other combination you think works!) and upload it to this forum. We want to see as many awesome costumes as possible; and you can take a screenshot of either town clothes or your regular armor set. Prizes: Main Prize Wintersday Wardrobe Wonder: 10 Gold Runner Up Prizes Best Color Scheme: 2 GoldBest Wintersday Location: 2 Gold Eligibility: To enter the Wintersday Wardrobe Wonder event, you need to be either a current [C] or Full Member of MadCast Gaming on or before the 1st of December. If for some unforeseen reason you are no longer a [C] or FM of MadCast Gaming on the 31st of December, your entry will be forfeited and you will not receive your prize. Note: Exceptions will be made to this rule for those long standing associates in the MadCast GW2 guild. Good luck to all entries! I hope to see as many Christmas themed screen shots as possible! You can entry as many as you want, some get them posted Thank you Jobo for the amazing graphics, you really are a God.
  16. Starting December the 14th, we are starting our 12 Days of Christmas. Each day we will have a new Guild Wars 2 related alternative to the traditional lyrics, and groups will be made to complete events related to them. Everything is covered in the related events, from WvW oriented tasks, to SPvP, gathering, and fractals! A post will be made closer to the first day, so keep an eye out for that thread to see the song unfold, and updates for what we will be doing each day! How to participate: Depending on what guild events we already have planned each day, we will be doing the related event either before or after. Most events won’t take too long to complete, so anyone will be able to join, and we will be able to repeat them if people are logging on at different times! Closing: A very HUGE thank you to Kali for coming up with the lyrics and helping me plan and organize this event; if it wasn’t for her, this would not be happening, so thank you so much! I also know that people will be out of town, with family around Christmas, so don’t worry! If you will be on around Christmas, I hope we can keep you occupied with some amazing events! Thank you Jobo for the amazing graphics, you really are a God.
  17. Hello Madcast! Yes yes, I know, talking about Christmas already?? You’re crazy Bayhle…While that is true, we have some big exciting news for everyone and I hope you all enjoy! This December is packed full of Christmas themed events! This post is to give you a brief run-down of what is on the table so far, and what you can expect to see coming. So far everything is subject to change, so full details will not be released as of yet, but I will let you know as much as I can! Wintersday Wardrobe Wonder FASHION SHOW TIME – We will be holding a fashion show over the entire month of December. We want to see your best color scheme and location! You will be able to enter as many times as you want, and we will have a post a thread with more information, and it will be a place you can post your screen shots. Prizes will be given for the ‘Wintersday Wardrobe Wonder’ who will be judged on both their color scheme, and location they took the screen shot. Runner up prizes will be awarded as well, and we will look only at color schemes, and then another for Wintersday locations. Christmas Fictional Frenzy Time to get your thinking caps on and start writing! We will be holding a writing event that we want to be Christmas themed. What better way to share our creative side of MadCast by writing a Christmas themed story; to keep in line with guild wars 2, we would like to see the stories related to either Guild Wars 2, or a fantasy setting similar to that of many MMOs. This event will be open to all of MadCast, you will not need to play GW2 to be able to participate in this, or even receive the prizes (no spoilers!). Twelve Days of Wintersday Starting on the 14th of December, we will be doing 12 days of Wintersday event. Kali helped out writing a fantastic spin off of the traditional song and we will have events related to those lyrics. We understand that not everyone will be on around Christmas, but hopefully we can have groups going for those of us that will be on! Guild Wars 2 Secret Santa Ever wanted to gift guildies some gifts? What better way than to sign up for our Secret Santa! We will have a tier setting, to maximise the amount of people who will be able to join in on the festivities. Each tier will have a different price range, so if you want to splurge and spend a nice sum of money, you can opt into the higher tiers secret Santa. Obviously joining the higher tier will also grant you a gift back of the same price range. This should be a very fun way to share around some Christmas Spirit, and I encourage everyone to sign up to give out, and receive some goodies around Christmas time! Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Raffle We will also be holding a Guild Wars 2 raffle; this already has quite a few nice prizes up for grabs, and a full list will be posted in the official raffle thread sooner to the actual event. To enter we will have tickets on sale, and random numbers will be drawn on Christmas day. If you also want to donate some prizes to the raffle, please get in contact with me and we can organize it more! I myself would love to hear your opinion on these planned events, if you have any questions this is a perfect place to ask, and I will answer to the best of my ability. Thank you everyone!
  18. We have a lot of amazing writers in MadCast as a whole, and some of those are part of Guild Wars 2. In the theme of Christmas, we would like to see as many MadCast written stories as we can! Although I would like to see Guild Wars related Christmas stories, I don't want to limit this event to only Guild Wars 2. How to enter: Simply write up a fictional Christmas themed story; it can be any length you choose, a short story or a full length novel. The only requirements are the story MUST be Christmas themed, and they must be in a RP setting - Guild Wars 2 related, or other MMOs style theme. Entries open December 1st and you have the entire month to think about your story, write it up, and post it here. Stories will be voted on at the end of December, and prizes given out at the start of the year. For convenience sake, I will ask if you can edit stories to have a spoiler on them, so we don't have massive long pages; to do this, simple type [ spoiler ] <enter story here> [ /spoiler ] with no spaces between the brackets and spoiler. Prizes: The winning story will be awarded with a $10 Steam voucher, along with 10 MadCash. Eligibility: To be eligible for prizes, you have to be a MadCast Full member on or before the 31st of December. If you are a [C] at the time of the entries opening, you can entry and will be considered for prizes so long as you are up for vote on or before the above date. That being said, I encourage everyone to post a story as we would love to see your creative side, especially at Christmas time. Thank you everyone in advance, we look forward to all the stories! Thank you Jobo for the amazing graphics, you really are a God.
  19. Hello dungeoneers! The brains trust has been hard at work on this one, and we are finally ready to present to you all the latest and greatest in duo dungeoneering – Binary Blast! Binary Blast is an event that will hopefully be held every month and will require groups of two members to beat certain content in game. A ‘record’ time will be set for the content beforehand, giving you all a time to strive for! So as of now, entries are open for this month’s challenge! (As this is the first time, we will have early entries for November's Challenge which will be the first month) November’s Challenge: Uncategorized Fractal (Fractal level: 1) Entry Date: 23rd of October 2013 Closing Date: 17th of November 2013 Record Time: 9 Mins 15 Seconds Time Set By: Bayhle and Cake A link to our record run can be found here. To get to the Uncategorized Fractal you will need to be in Lions Arch and head to Claw Island Portage Waypoint (southern area of LA). From this waypoint you want to head east along the docks until you reach the Fractal of the Mist's portal. Enter the portal and set the difficulty to '1' - Once inside you may need to 'roll' the Uncategorized Fractal. To do this you will need to enter the circle in the middle of the lobby and travel to the fractal, if you get the wrong fractal, leave via the blue door button above your mini-map, and try again. Once you get the Uncategorized Fractal you're good to go! General Rules: The challenge must be completed in a group of 2.No bug abuse - This means you must take the path that you are supposed to. You are not allowed to 'glitch' up walls, through invisible walls or anything that is not in the design. You may run past certain content if you so desire. How to submit an entry: Entries are open as of the announcement in this forum and there are two ways you can submit an official time – Record your duo completing the challenge, with no edits, or speed ups on the video. Post here when you are happy with completing the challenge in your duo, and we will organize someone to sit in your group, and time it for you.Current times and records will be maintained here, so you can see official rankings as the event proceeds. Entries can be submitted up until the last day of the month, and a winner will be announced within the following two days. PRIZES?!?! This month’s prize will be 16 gold – split between the duo (8 gold each). If you win and you are a MadCast Full Member, you will also be awarded 25 MadCash. Who is eligible to enter? If you meet at least one of the following requirements, you are eligible. A full member of MadCast GamingBe a member of the MadCast GW2 guild as of the entry date (you can be an associate)This is to avoid people joining participating in the event, then leaving the guildNote: You must be a member of the GW2 guild at the CLOSING DATE. If you have left the guild, you will not receive your prize, and winnings will go to second place. Additional Information: As previously stated, a record time will be set initially before the entries open, it is not required to beat this time in order to win the event, it is merely a baseline. That being said, an additional bonus of 2 gold per person in the duo that wins the event, if they beat the record time – grand totalling a possible 10 gold each for winning and beating the record. I’d highly recommend getting duo’s together, figuring out a plan of attack for the challenge, and giving it a couple of trials before submitting a result. Closing: A huge thank you too Kali and Cake for helping with this event and with prizes – all three of us would like to see a lot of entries to determine a winner! Thank you to Jobo for the fantastic graphic! Spread the word and remember, this is a fun event – enjoy yourselves. If you have any suggestions for next month’s challenge, you can leave suggestions here – I already have a few, but am open to hear what content you would like to see as a duo challenge!
  20. Ever wanted a chance at some amazing prizes? Thinking of getting that new Christmas outfit, but can’t quite afford it? Well enter the MadCast Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Raffle! So what’s the Deal? Simply put, we will be hosting a Guild Wars 2 raffle, with prizes ranging from weapon skins, gem store items, to ice-cream cakes! We are open for all donations for the raffle. How to enter: From the first of December, raffle tickets will be going on sale for 20s each and there will be a maximum of 5 tickets per person. A number will be assigned to these tickets, and posted here so that we all know whose number is whose to avoid unfairness. To enter you can send me a message here on the forums, and I will send a message back with your ticket numbers. Alternatively just chat with me in game and we can organize the same thing. Prizes: This list will be ongoing and updating as we get more and more; Bloody Prince Staff SkinChristmas Town Clothes – Gem Store20 Globs of Ectoplasm4x 18 Slot Mithril Boxes Like a true raffle, you will not have a choice on which prize you get, we will select a prize, draw a number and gift it to you. The only exception to this is gem store items, if you have it, we obviously wouldn't want to double you up on it, so we will sort things out if that occurs. If you want to donate a prize for the raffle, please get in contact with me, and we can organize it more. Good luck everyone! Thank you Jobo for the amazing graphics, you really are a God.
  21. As a newer member to the community I was thinking of ways to give back to the community when it struck me, a children's card game! I recently found my old cards and started playing with my brothers and neighbors and then I thought why not play with MadCast? I propose having a night where the members of MadCast just play together. As of right now there are two ways I can see this going: 1. Dueling Network ( This is a site where you can build any deck you want and play others for free. You have access to any and all cards that have been made that are available under tourny rules. It is not automated so it keeps a bit of the human aspect when using cards and keeping track of life points. It is essentially just like you were playing the person, you have full control over your cards. 2. Skype- This option would be for those who want to use their own cards and not rely on the honor system of the website. One could make their deck on the site, however as stated there is an honor system since you have access to all the cards. This would entail using Skype with video showing the fields and not letting the cards leave LoS. The simplest way to play would most likely be the website, however there is something a bit funner about using your own cards. I want to see if this is something a decent amount of people would be interested in so please answer the poll and any feedback is more than welcome.