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Found 4 results

  1. (Please note that time has changed to 9pm ) Garrosh's Holly Jolly Christmas A Hearthstone Tournament Hosted by: MadCast: Mavrick086 (Mavrick#1634) Date/Time: Monday, December 22nd 2014 DIRECTLY FOLLOWING TOWN HALL Rules The MadCast CoC and the MadCast Attendance Policy will be enforced. Tournament will be open to all [C]+ This tournament will be a Best of 3 format. No legendary cards can be used. (Common-Epic only) If I can get 16 contestants, the winner will receive a PRIZE! Anyone that streams, you are more than welcome to do so! Contestants 1. DanKnee (Tentative) 2. SabreWolf 3. Rife 4. Fayea 5. Sotar 6. Lister 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  2. So my friend Sharn and I got bored after playing every deck we had against each other until we decided to do "All Random All Table". Which means we picked a Hero at random (RNG website 1-9 with the each Hero designated a number). And then just click done and let the computer pick all the cards for you. So you have no control over the Hero OR the deck. You get what you get and go with it. And I must say we learned a lot of new combos by doing this! I suggest we all try it out and see what we could do with it! Might have to limit it to no Legendaries. ======================================== 1.) [post=]RNG Site and set it for 1 - 9. 2.) Matching the number to Hero. 3.) Just click "DONE" and "YES" to auto fill your deck.
  3. Hello, everyone! Welcome to Dragon's Den, where I will introduce a variety of topics pertaining to Hearthstone, and in particular the theory behind playing this game. I have been playing Hearthstone since around December of 2013, starting just before the closed beta ended. I was rank 20 in the previous test season, and my maximum arena wins are 5. My love for Hearthstone began immediately upon playing the game, and I have been attached to it ever since. My favorite class in Hearthstone is Mage, with Warlock as a close second. Dragon’s Den will explore the theory behind card games, using Hearthstone in particular as a focus. In my first few articles, I will explain three concepts that are important to every card game: Card Advantage, Tempo, and Life/Mana. Let's jump right in. Life as a Resource Although the resource of life in Hearthstone appears simple, there are complex methods of interacting with it. You start with 30, and you lose if you get to 0. While certain cards increase your life total, it cannot go above 30, the global maximum. A few ways you can interact with an opponent’s life, including your own; are hero powers belonging to the Warlock, Hunter, Druid, Priest, Mage, and Warrior. The Warrior and Druid hero powers give you armor, which blocks 1 point of damage for each point of armor you have. Your life total can also be affected by spells, battlecry abilities, and of course, minions swinging at your face. Some mechanics that affect life total are direct damage, direct healing, battlecry damage and heals, and deathrattle damage. The following cards illustrate these mechanics, accompanied by a brief explanation of each. Fireball is a spell that deals direct damage. This card is pretty straight forward, it deals 6 damage to any target you choose. This card is an example of a spell that does direct healing. When played, it heals the target for 6 points of life. Ironforge Rifleman is a minion whose battlecry effect deals damage to a single target. Battlecry means that the effect listed after Battlecry happens when it enters play. Voodoo Doctor is a minion whose battlecry heals a target. Just like the Ironforge Rifleman, this effect only happens when the card is first played, and the card sticks around as a normal minion afterwards. Leper Gnome is a minion whose deathrattle deals damage. Deathrattle is an effect that happens once, upon the minion’s death. Unlike the effects listed above, this is not targeted, and instead only damages the enemy hero upon this minion’s death. The most important thing I can stress about Life is this: If you have any other amount besides 0, you're still playing. This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but one thing I can’t stress enough: you can always snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Some players concede when they hit 5 life because they see no possibility of victory; and I am here to tell you that so long as you have above 0 life, you should be fighting. In Hearthstone, a single minion’s death can swing the game in your favor. You could draw that one spell that assures your victory, maybe your opponent takes suboptimal action and gives you the advantage. Either way, remember as long as you have more than 0 life, you can win. This certainly isn't the last you have heard of Life. The finer points require me to explain Tempo and Card Advantage first, so expect more Life in the future. Mana as a Resource Mana in Hearthstone is incredibly simple, in comparison to games such as Magic. You begin the game with 1 mana crystal and gain 1 every turn, up to a maximum of 10. The player that goes second receives The Coin, a card which gives them a bonus mana crystal when it’s played. This system is markedly different from other popular card games. Compared to Magic and Pokemon, Hearthstone’s mana is extremely stable. Instead of drawing resources (Magic’s land or Pokemon’s energy) from your deck, mana is automatically granted. In other TCG’s, you can generally only play one of these resource cards per turn (certain card interactions notwithstanding). Unlike Hearthstone, there is no ceiling for the amount of these resources in play at one time. Mana is used to play cards, whether they be spells, minions, or secrets. They are also used for your hero power, all of which cost 2 mana. It is important that you use as much of your mana as possible every turn. This ensures maximum efficiency in the cards that you are playing. If you are left with 1 mana at the end of a turn, and you could have played a 1 mana card, why didn't you? There are situations where withholding mana is the appropriate play, but as a general rule of thumb you want to spend all of your mana. There are some cards that affect your mana total, whether temporary or permanent. Innervate, for example, is a Druid card that gives you 2 mana crystals on the turn you use it. Cards like this can be used to gain incredible advantages in the early game, as they allow you to play cards with higher costs sooner than normal. Efficiently using your mana is a topic in it’s own right. Knowing when to cast a 4-cost spell as opposed to casting a 2-cost spell and your hero power is a great example and bears further analysis. As with life, I will be revisiting mana in regards to Tempo and Card Advantage, so expect to see more on it in later articles. Closing Thoughts Thank you, kind audience, for joining me for the first installment of Dragon's Den! I shall be putting out more articles in the future, with my next article focusing on Tempo, how to obtain Tempo, what Tempo is, and how life and mana relate to Tempo. As an aside, I am always open to playing a game of Hearthstone with you, unless I am presently occupied. My battletag is Dragnosis#1884. I am available to play games with you, discuss deck theory, even give you arena advice, just hit me up. Thanks for reading! My name is Dragnosis. I have been a member of MadCast since March of 2013, and have been an RFM in MadCast since February of 2014. I am an officer in Guild Wars 2, and I play many other games as well, such as Hearthstone, Diablo 3, and League of Legends.
  4. You walk up to a dimly lit Inn with an old wooden sign above the door that reads “Thunderbrew Distillery”. You can hear quite the commotion coming from inside and your parched lips are in dire need of a drink. You slowly push the door open… “Well doan’t just stand there in the doorway, c’moan in and shut the door. Ye look mighty cauld so why doan’t ye grab a seat over by the hearth and I’ll grab ye a fresh mug ‘o ale.” The Innkeeper promptly brings you a wooden mug of ale. He quickly wipes his hands on his trousers and then gives you a keen look. “So ye might be wondering why there ur so many blootered people here tonight, well let me tell ye. Old Brann Bronzebeard hiz just opened up the entries to his famous card tournament. Bar ye see this time roon’ it’s different, efter consulting wi’ his brothers he hiz decided to open the tournament to a’ the races that inhabit these lands; even those pesky kobolds.” “Say, ye look like a bit ‘o a card sharp yersel’, why no’ pit yer name doon to enter? The rules for the tournament kin be seen oan that piece ‘o parchment over there an’ right next to it is where ye kin pit yer name doon to enter.” “Well I ‘ave to get back to cleaning this manky place, best ‘o luck to ye though!” You walk over to the piece of parchment that the Innkeeper pointed out to you and begin to read it; Tournament Date Bronzebeard’s Brawl will be held on March the 16th at 8pm EST (MadCast time). Rules Each participant will enter the tournament with two 30 card decks.The two decks entered must be made using different Heroes.Each deck will have a maximum of two (2) legendary cards.Winners must win two games against their opponent to proceed to the next round (best of three).At the start of each round you can choose which of the two decks you will start with.When you lose a game against an opponent, you must use your second deck on the next game.When you win a game against an opponent, you must use the same deck in the next game.The MadCast CoC will be fully enforced during this event.If your opponent is 10 minutes late to your match up, you are awarded the first game as a win.If your opponent is 20 minutes late to your match up, you win the match and move on to the next round.Priority will be given to [C] and FMs of MadCast when the seeding takes place.Tournament Seeding Participants will be randomly paired together and placed in a tournament bracket.Participants who win two out of three games against their opponent will progress to the next round.Third and fourth place will be decided by a separate match up after the participants in the finals have been decided.Prizes The winner of Bronzebeard’s Brawl will be crowned MadCast Hearthstone Grandmaster and will receive; A place in the Hearthstone Tournament Hall of FameTournament Champion BadgeAll important bragging rightsEntries To enter into Bronzebeard’s Brawl, simply reply to this thread with your Battlenet ID. You are also required to enter the two decks you will be using prior to the tournament start. You can do this either by posting hearthpwn or hearthhead links to your deck in this thread, or via PM to myself if you rather keep them a secret. As decks are ever changing you are not required to notify me of your decks until the 15th of March (one day before the event). Entries will close on the 15th of March. If you have not signed up before this date you are NOT guaranteed a position in the tournament. Example Entry: Battletag: Bayhle#1821 Deck 1 Deck 2 Entry List: SabreWolf#1960Scooba#1135Tubby#1200Kero#1269Shadow#1107germphone#1998BcauseDonuts#1705Tomas#2883Kaiser777#1218Coverfire#1550DonaldsLoL#1170Atti2k#2370Junodavidw#1497Bayhle#1821Dragnosis#1884bobgar#1673Substitutes: Note: Thank you Funkazaur for the amazing graphic.