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Found 2 results

  1. Event name: MadCast: Assassin's Greed Event Description: Do you have what it takes to become the MadCast Grand Master Assassin? Do you happen to like the Assassin's Creed Series? Well then, join up the event where "Nothing is true, and everything is permitted". Absolutely no restrictions on items/summoner skills/champions. Pull the dirtiest, trickiest, burstiest play in your pocket to win the MadCast Community Assassin's Greed 1v1 Tournament. Details: Event type: Howling Abyss 1v1, single elimination, open to [C]'s, and FM+ Event date and time: Sunday, September 21 @ 05:00PM EST Champion pool allowed: all champs | 3 bans per player Event Victory Conditions: A kill AND Either 100 CS OR 2nd turret (you must kill the opponent, hence assassin's greed) Event Reward: 1st place: $20 RP AND Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag for PC code 2nd place: $10 RP and my eternal gratitude for participating in my first event 3rd place and down: my eternal gratitude for participating in my first event How to join? Simply comment/reply to this thread. MadCast's attendance policy is in full effect for this event.
  2. Keep an eye out for this neat new way to earn FREE RP, up to 12000 in the first 30-60 days of signing up. Then you get up to $3.00: 1 RP; $3.01-$6.00: 2 RP; $6.01-$9.00: 3 RP; $9.01-$12.00: 4 RP; etc. NY Times Article AMEX Press Release I will probably be direct-depositing $25-50 off one paycheck a month and using it for lunch//snacks/misc stuff I normally swipe my card for that is not a necessity. That is, if the terms remain the same.