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Found 6 results

  1. Hurray! TFT tournament time! The tournament will be held a couple weeks out on January 20th, to give people time to sign up, formulate their strategies and set aside time for the games. We will do a total of 3 games. These games are only available to Candidates and Full Members of the MadCast community and we will be having a signup sheet for the tournament. This means if you are not already a Candidate or Full Member of MadCast you are not eligible to participate in this tournament. By signing up (which you will do by indicating so down below) you will be held to the MadCast Policies that apply (MadCast CoC, Event Attendance Policy) It will not matter if we do a full 8 man group as points are static based upon place that you finish in. So this will allow us to field a tournament with an odd number of participants (example would be 15 players would still mean we play 2 groups but one group would have 8 people and the other group would have 7 people and 1 PUG player) 1st - 10 pts 2nd - 7 pts 3rd - 4 pts 4th - 2 pts 5th to 8th - 0 pts If we do not have enough for a full in house 8 man group we will split into even groups (as best we can) and queue up. The random people in the games will act as obstacles. They do not count for points if you eliminate them but they will count for overall place. This means if you queue up in a 5 man group you end up with 3 PUGs. If the 3 random players get 1st, 3rd and 4th then the best anyone in that game can do is get 6 pts. Example: 1st - PUG #1 2nd - Tournament player #1 3rd - PUG #2 4th - PUG #3 5th to 8th - Tournament player #2 - #5 There will be special objectives that will net you extra points each round similar to how they did it in the eSports show match a while ago. These objectives will be: 1) Finish the match with 4 different Bonus' active (Cloud, Infernal, Swordsman, Assassin, Predator, Poison, etc. There are plenty of these you can have active) - This will be worth 2 points 2) Have a Gold level bonus of an element (6 Ocean, 9 Infenro, 6 Glacial, 9 Light and 6 Shadow) active on the board when you finish the match. All other bonus' will not count. - This will be worth 2 point 3) Have NO bonus active when you finish the match. - This will be worth 3 point 4) If you are in a group that has random PUG players you will get points for being the FIRST person to eliminate a PUG player. (PUG = random queued person. Points will only be awarded for the FIRST PUG eliminated in each group. If they are eliminated by a "shadow" player because others have been eliminated already then no points will be awarded for that group.) - This will be worth 2 points The one to get the most points out of everyone in the tournament will receive $10 of RP and second place will receive a masterwork chest from me. DISCLAIMER!!! The following factors determine whether you can send or receive gifts: The player receiving a gift needs to have been on your buddy list for at least one day. The player receiving a gift cannot be banned or suspended (this includes Leaverbuster, Tribunal, etc.). To send a gift, you must be at least level 10. There are also specific rules for different types of gifting. That being said the second you decide to sign up you will want to send an in game friend request to "Support Welfare" so that I can gift you a prize if you win. If you fail to do so you will either be getting your gift really late or have the option to forfeit your prize and it will go to the next highest point scoring player. ---------------------------------------------- Tournament Sign Up List MadCast: Support Welfare (I will not be taking a prize but will be destroying you all!!!) MadCast: Suixide22 MadCast: Mike MadCast: doublestufforeo MadCast: Lunalesk MadCast: StargazerLilli MadCast: Kitty Stark
  2. @MadCast: Gokudera @MadCast: rife170 @MadCast: Mike @MadCast: RacerDelux @MadCast: majorhoward @MadCast: Pushover @MadCast: VoShay Thank you all who signed up this should be a fun tournament. I randomly shuffled the groups because I did not know skill level and prior chess experience. The link for the tournament is, click this to find out which group you are in and check standings. The first stage is a Double Round Robin from now until July 1st. Please have all matches reported to me by that time. If all the matches conclude before the deadline we'll move on to the next stage. 1) Participants will earn 1.0 points from a match win and 0.5 points from a stalemate. 2) The move timer will be set to 10 minutes. 3) In challonge, the participant listed top in the matches will be on the white side. (Bad wording, message me if you are confused.) Please report all scores to me, @MadCast: Icarususing Discord or the Forum messenger. The final stage will be Single Elimination which will start July 2nd or after the Group Stage is concluded. 1) No ties. Play until there is a winner. 2) Move timer will be set to 15|10. 3) In challonge, the participant listed top in the matches will be on the white side. Please message me if there are any questions. Good luck!
  3. (Please note that time has changed to 9pm ) Garrosh's Holly Jolly Christmas A Hearthstone Tournament Hosted by: MadCast: Mavrick086 (Mavrick#1634) Date/Time: Monday, December 22nd 2014 DIRECTLY FOLLOWING TOWN HALL Rules The MadCast CoC and the MadCast Attendance Policy will be enforced. Tournament will be open to all [C]+ This tournament will be a Best of 3 format. No legendary cards can be used. (Common-Epic only) If I can get 16 contestants, the winner will receive a PRIZE! Anyone that streams, you are more than welcome to do so! Contestants 1. DanKnee (Tentative) 2. SabreWolf 3. Rife 4. Fayea 5. Sotar 6. Lister 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  4. Hosted by: MadCast: Listerfiend and MadCast: Fayea Who: Open to any [C]+. What: MadCast Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament When: Saturday, December 6, 2014 @ 7 PM EST. Where: and the event channel in TS. The MadCast CoC will be enforced. Sign-ups are not required for this event. If you have interest in participating, PLEASE say so in this thread so we can get you added to the poker group. {For those who have played in previous tournaments, we will be using a NEW group this time around.} If you don't already have an account on Pokerstars please make one prior to the event! We will be using play money for this event. * Once you have created an account and posted in this thread that you are interested, you will be PM'ed the Group ID/Invite Code. *
  5. You walk up to a dimly lit Inn with an old wooden sign above the door that reads “Thunderbrew Distillery”. You can hear quite the commotion coming from inside and your parched lips are in dire need of a drink. You slowly push the door open… “Well doan’t just stand there in the doorway, c’moan in and shut the door. Ye look mighty cauld so why doan’t ye grab a seat over by the hearth and I’ll grab ye a fresh mug ‘o ale.” The Innkeeper promptly brings you a wooden mug of ale. He quickly wipes his hands on his trousers and then gives you a keen look. “So ye might be wondering why there ur so many blootered people here tonight, well let me tell ye. Old Brann Bronzebeard hiz just opened up the entries to his famous card tournament. Bar ye see this time roon’ it’s different, efter consulting wi’ his brothers he hiz decided to open the tournament to a’ the races that inhabit these lands; even those pesky kobolds.” “Say, ye look like a bit ‘o a card sharp yersel’, why no’ pit yer name doon to enter? The rules for the tournament kin be seen oan that piece ‘o parchment over there an’ right next to it is where ye kin pit yer name doon to enter.” “Well I ‘ave to get back to cleaning this manky place, best ‘o luck to ye though!” You walk over to the piece of parchment that the Innkeeper pointed out to you and begin to read it; Tournament Date Bronzebeard’s Brawl will be held on March the 16th at 8pm EST (MadCast time). Rules Each participant will enter the tournament with two 30 card decks.The two decks entered must be made using different Heroes.Each deck will have a maximum of two (2) legendary cards.Winners must win two games against their opponent to proceed to the next round (best of three).At the start of each round you can choose which of the two decks you will start with.When you lose a game against an opponent, you must use your second deck on the next game.When you win a game against an opponent, you must use the same deck in the next game.The MadCast CoC will be fully enforced during this event.If your opponent is 10 minutes late to your match up, you are awarded the first game as a win.If your opponent is 20 minutes late to your match up, you win the match and move on to the next round.Priority will be given to [C] and FMs of MadCast when the seeding takes place.Tournament Seeding Participants will be randomly paired together and placed in a tournament bracket.Participants who win two out of three games against their opponent will progress to the next round.Third and fourth place will be decided by a separate match up after the participants in the finals have been decided.Prizes The winner of Bronzebeard’s Brawl will be crowned MadCast Hearthstone Grandmaster and will receive; A place in the Hearthstone Tournament Hall of FameTournament Champion BadgeAll important bragging rightsEntries To enter into Bronzebeard’s Brawl, simply reply to this thread with your Battlenet ID. You are also required to enter the two decks you will be using prior to the tournament start. You can do this either by posting hearthpwn or hearthhead links to your deck in this thread, or via PM to myself if you rather keep them a secret. As decks are ever changing you are not required to notify me of your decks until the 15th of March (one day before the event). Entries will close on the 15th of March. If you have not signed up before this date you are NOT guaranteed a position in the tournament. Example Entry: Battletag: Bayhle#1821 Deck 1 Deck 2 Entry List: SabreWolf#1960Scooba#1135Tubby#1200Kero#1269Shadow#1107germphone#1998BcauseDonuts#1705Tomas#2883Kaiser777#1218Coverfire#1550DonaldsLoL#1170Atti2k#2370Junodavidw#1497Bayhle#1821Dragnosis#1884bobgar#1673Substitutes: Note: Thank you Funkazaur for the amazing graphic.
  6. All from my point of view. Enjoy! Global Gym Purple Cobras vs Here for Beer Global Gym Purple Cobras vs Team Paw Thundergirth Global Gym Purple Cobras vs Mid Your Own Business Global Gym Purple Cobras vs A Sexy Emperor Turtle and a Rabbit named Apoz