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  1. Hey everyone, We had a really good showing this week and just wanted to thank everyone who came out and played. Our next event is next Tuesday August 31st at 9pm est, so in preparation I've linked the last two week's scoreboards below as well as resources from the first event's post. Also a new patch just hit today, so I'll be linking the patch notes as well as the rundown video from RiotMort himself down below. (video is longer, but gives more insight to changes than reading the direct changes in the notes). Week 1 Scoreboard: Week 2 Scoreboard: We've been adding in some bonus challenges (such as put Craiden or Lunalesk in the bottom 4) and so far they've gone really well. Resources: https://tftactics.gg/db/champions - Build help and champion/item information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhpBhFcgZa4 - What is TFT? video. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/game-updates/teamfight-tactics-patch-11-17-notes/ - Latest Patch Notes from 11.17 https://youtu.be/MwRDR6R2xnI - Latest Patch Notes Rundown Video Two more weeks til we crown The Highest Hyper Roller!
  2. Hello again everyone! As mentioned last night at the end of the first TFT Tuesday, we're going to be running this again next week, Tuesday August 24th at 9pm EST. We had a really good turn out yesterday and everyone had a lot of fun, not to mention some good competition for top spot in the last 2 games. Below I've linked the original post for anyone new who'd like to come check this out, plus a link to some more info on TFT for those who said they had no clue what they were doing to help them. However, I do feel like just getting in there and playing has helped them quite a bit already! Original Post: https://www.madcastgaming.com/forums/topic/29300-tft-tuesday-starting-at-9pm-est-aug-17th/ Resource:https://tftactics.gg/db/champions Still my favorite Introduction Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhpBhFcgZa4 I have all the scores from this first week in a spreadsheet and will be keeping a running a tally each week so it's never too late to get in and make a run for top spot!
  3. Hey everyone! I know this is kind of last minute to post an event, but I was looking at upcoming events last night and I wanted to put something fun together for this evening that was fun but still competitive and had strategic action and I think TFT fits that bill. So here's how it's gonna go: As we all may know, TFT can fit up to 8 people in a match. If we don't have 8 people, then we'll roll with what we have. If we have more than 8 people we'll try to get two groups going. If we have enough for two groups but not enough to fill both groups (ie 16 people) then we'll split the groups evenly. In all cases we'll let pugs fill any empty spots. All matches will be Hyper Roll matches, for time purposes, and to get as many matches in as people want. Hyper Roll will also force people to play on their toes and be more adaptive with quick decision making, as well as be subjected to more RNG. "Points" will be rewarded based on what place you go out in. First 10 Points Second 7 Points Third 6 Points Fourth 5 Points Fifth 4 Points Sixth 3 Points Seventh 2 Points Eighth 1 Points 1 Point will also be awarded to anyone able to 3 star a champion, and an extra 1 point if you manage (some how, some way) to 3 star a 5 cost champion. So if you manage to 3 star two 1 cost champions and one 5 cost champion that's ( 1 + 1 + 2) 4 bonus points. The stat screen at the end will show who managed to 3 star champions and whoever wins will able to submit that SS to the chat channel for the point totaling. Now, I know I said this was gonna be a fun event, but you're prolly wondering what the points are gonna be for in the end. Bragging rights? Sweet Discord Title? Yes, and yes. If you win, you'll be The Highest Hyper Roller in MadCast, and can tell all the non-pengu's to bow before your insane RNG skillz and mad high rolls! This event will start at 9pm EST, and for those who want to play via mobile, you're more than welcome to, however you must still join discord for the event.
  4. Tonight is the night! League of Learning in house games at 9pm EST. See you guys tonight.
  5. League of Learning! You know it and you know you want to be part of it! Join me tonight for some inhouse fun. See you there.
  6. Thursday comes again which means time for some games with friends. Come join me for some in house games with lane breakdowns at the end of each match. See you there!
  7. Thursday night League of Learning games! Bring your friends and lets have some fun. See you there.
  8. Monday night League of Legends event hosted by MadCast: Icarus. In-house 5v5 games. Come join the gang for some fun try hard games! Details can be found HERE
  9. League of Learning is here again everyone! Come join me for some in house fun with game breakdown after each game.
  10. Join me once again for League of Learning Thursday night at 9pm EST. In house games of fun.
  11. Greetings all! Thursday is almost here and that means LoLearning. Tell your friends, tell your family, rent a billboard and don't miss out. See you guys Thursday night at 9pm EST.
  12. Thursday! You know what that means.... LoLearning is here and in-house games are abound. Join us for some fun games with a short game analysis at the end of each match. See you guys there.
  13. Thursday is almost here and that means League of Learning! Grab some friends, prepare your trash talk and ready yourself for some in house games with game breakdowns at the end of the match! See you guys there.
  14. Thursday is here again. Join me for some in house games with lane breakdowns after. Polish up your skills, get constructive feedback on game play and have fun with friends! I look forward to seeing you there.
  15. Thursday is here again. That means it time for some in house games with lane breakdowns at the end of the matches. We will be adding a rule fer League of Learning going forward from now on (many of you will know I've been implementing this rule as of late already) but there will be no level 1 invades. This is just something that tends to destroy games when they happen, especially if one team walks away with 2 or 3 kills because of it. Some of you might argue "its part of the game and is a legit tactic. People should be prepared for it." Yes I agree its something people should be aware of and prepare for. My counter argument to this would be that when you are making games in pre-made groups of 5 you tend to remake and redraft if things go drastically wrong early in the game. As we do not do this I'm not going to be putting a stop to the level 1 invades. This gives people a more stable opening to the game and generally prevents people from tilting off the face of the earth at 2 minutes in. If you guys have any questions or concerns please feel free to bring them up to me and I will field any questions you have.
  16. Hurray! TFT tournament time! The tournament will be held a couple weeks out on January 20th, to give people time to sign up, formulate their strategies and set aside time for the games. We will do a total of 3 games. These games are only available to Candidates and Full Members of the MadCast community and we will be having a signup sheet for the tournament. This means if you are not already a Candidate or Full Member of MadCast you are not eligible to participate in this tournament. By signing up (which you will do by indicating so down below) you will be held to the MadCast Policies that apply (MadCast CoC, Event Attendance Policy) It will not matter if we do a full 8 man group as points are static based upon place that you finish in. So this will allow us to field a tournament with an odd number of participants (example would be 15 players would still mean we play 2 groups but one group would have 8 people and the other group would have 7 people and 1 PUG player) 1st - 10 pts 2nd - 7 pts 3rd - 4 pts 4th - 2 pts 5th to 8th - 0 pts If we do not have enough for a full in house 8 man group we will split into even groups (as best we can) and queue up. The random people in the games will act as obstacles. They do not count for points if you eliminate them but they will count for overall place. This means if you queue up in a 5 man group you end up with 3 PUGs. If the 3 random players get 1st, 3rd and 4th then the best anyone in that game can do is get 6 pts. Example: 1st - PUG #1 2nd - Tournament player #1 3rd - PUG #2 4th - PUG #3 5th to 8th - Tournament player #2 - #5 There will be special objectives that will net you extra points each round similar to how they did it in the eSports show match a while ago. These objectives will be: 1) Finish the match with 4 different Bonus' active (Cloud, Infernal, Swordsman, Assassin, Predator, Poison, etc. There are plenty of these you can have active) - This will be worth 2 points 2) Have a Gold level bonus of an element (6 Ocean, 9 Infenro, 6 Glacial, 9 Light and 6 Shadow) active on the board when you finish the match. All other bonus' will not count. - This will be worth 2 point 3) Have NO bonus active when you finish the match. - This will be worth 3 point 4) If you are in a group that has random PUG players you will get points for being the FIRST person to eliminate a PUG player. (PUG = random queued person. Points will only be awarded for the FIRST PUG eliminated in each group. If they are eliminated by a "shadow" player because others have been eliminated already then no points will be awarded for that group.) - This will be worth 2 points The one to get the most points out of everyone in the tournament will receive $10 of RP and second place will receive a masterwork chest from me. DISCLAIMER!!! The following factors determine whether you can send or receive gifts: The player receiving a gift needs to have been on your buddy list for at least one day. The player receiving a gift cannot be banned or suspended (this includes Leaverbuster, Tribunal, etc.). To send a gift, you must be at least level 10. There are also specific rules for different types of gifting. That being said the second you decide to sign up you will want to send an in game friend request to "Support Welfare" so that I can gift you a prize if you win. If you fail to do so you will either be getting your gift really late or have the option to forfeit your prize and it will go to the next highest point scoring player. ---------------------------------------------- Tournament Sign Up List MadCast: Support Welfare (I will not be taking a prize but will be destroying you all!!!) MadCast: Suixide22 MadCast: Mike MadCast: doublestufforeo MadCast: Lunalesk MadCast: StargazerLilli MadCast: Kitty Stark
  17. Hello again everyone! Thursday League of Learning is near at hand again. Thursday night at 9pm EST. Join in for some in house games where we will be doing lane breakdowns at the end of the match and give some constructive feedback on game play. See you guys there.
  18. Greetings everyone! League of Learning is back this week! As I mentioned at Town Hall on Monday, we will be putting a hold on the specific topics for LoLearning but will be keeping the post game run down. I want to focus more on getting into games quicker and having more fun all around. We will still be playing games as long as we have 5 people. This means if we don't have enough for in house games we will go play in normal queue. Either way we will have some fun. See you guys Thursday night!
  19. Greetings everyone! I am wanting to run a small TFT tournament for MadCast Members. To do that I want to cement some rules to follow for the tournament but I'd like to get everyone's feedback so that we can make this as fair as possible (or as fair as an RNG based game can be). I have some basic format in place but am open to any suggestions as well as any ideas on how to make things a bit more fun. I don't have a date in mind just yet as all the holidays will be keeping people pretty busy so its likely that it will be after New Years hits. Let me know what you think and feel free to throw any suggestions in here. Here is my rough draft on the format for the tournament: We will do a total of 3 games. It will not matter if we do a full 8 man group as points are static based upon place that you finish in. 1st - 8 pts 2nd - 6 pts 3rd - 4 pts 4th - 2 pts 5th to 8th - 0 pts If we do not have enough for a full in house 8 man group we will split into even groups (as best we can) and queue up. The random people in the games will act as obstacles. They do not count for points if you eliminate them but they will count for overall place. This means if you queue up in a 5 man group you end up with 3 PUGs. If the 3 random players get 1st, 3rd and 4th then the best anyone in that game can do is get 6 pts. Example: 1st - PUG #1 2nd - Tournament player #1 3rd - PUG #2 4th - PUG #3 5th to 8th - Tournament player #2 - #5 The one to get the most points out of everyone in the tournament will receive a mystery skin from me.
  20. Hello again everyone! This week is our last League of Learning for a while (until after New Years). This week I want to cover a few things. Don't worry, its nothing too overwhelming. With the pre-season patch hitting there are a lot of changes to how the game plays out. With that in mind I want to keep the item changes in mind as there have been many changes and even some removals as well as returns. I suggest reading up on the patch notes in the game client for specifics. The other thing I want to cover is "attitude". With new changes and the game changes shaking things up so much there are bound to be some lack of knowledge while people figure out the shape of the new meta and how things all work out. So the overall theme for this week will be a focus on learning how the patch effects our game play as a team. We will put more of a focus on the end of game analysis so be prepared to spend extra time on it as the game warrants it. As always, have fun and I'll see you Thursday night!
  21. With the holidays coming up I am going to be putting a hold on League of Learning until after New Years. Everyone will be busy with all the fun things that come with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years so I think a little break is in order. This will go into effect the last week of November. This means that we will have a League of Learning next week (11-21-2019) but will not have a League of Learning on (11-28-2019) until after New Years. Any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.
  22. This week's focus will be on teamfighting and cooldown tracking. I want you to keep in mind what your opponents CDs are and try to play around them in lane and eventually when you get into the teamfighting stage of the game. This could mean something as simple as Morgana's Q is down so she doesn't have binding which means her team is going to have a tougher time pealing for their damage dealers. This does also mean the big CDs such as Ults and summoner spells like Flash, Ignite, Teleport, Exhaust, etc. Try to play around these spells, bait them out, keep your own teams CDs in mind when looking for a fight or engage. Its a tough thing to balance in the heat of the moment but it will make you a much better player to have this skill under your belt. And as always everyone have fun! See you Thursday night!
  23. Hello Everyone, Set 2, Rise of the Elements, for Teamfight Tactics is officially launching tomorrow (Wednesday Nov. 6th) and since ranked is being turned off til patch 9.23 (aka the next patch), I thought it'd be fun to do some in-house matches to have fun and help familiarize everyone with how set 2 works. With that, I thought it'd be the perfect time to spice it up and roll some random modifiers into the games as well. Here are the three modes I plan on using (separately ofc). Blacklist - Pretty straight forward but before the game starts, each player picks a champion to Blacklist or Ban basically, and no one is allowed to buy or use that champion the whole game. With 8 players, that means you'll have 8 bans and only be able to use 43 of the 51 different champions, meaning you'll have to find fun new builds without relying on certain champions. Hoping this helps people be more creative with their builds and find new fun options they never would have thought of otherwise. Natural Selection - At the start of the game, whatever champion you pick from the first carousel, dictates the champions you can buy/use the rest of the game. Basically, you can only buy/use champions that have one of the same synergies as the champion you got. For reference, if you were to pick up a Jax (Light/Berserker), you would only be able to buy/use champions that have at least one of those synergies. As for the other carousels, you can grab whatever item you need, but if the champion doesn't fit the synergies you've been assigned, then you have to sell that champion immediately. Some of these might be tough, but will help people find ways to make certain synergies work together when they normally wouldn't. No Items - This one is tricky, because it won't start til after the first minion wave, but basically it will require everyone to sell their first champion at stage 1-2, and buy a new champ off their bar. From that point on, no one can use any items at all, period. When you get a champ at carousel, you'll have to sell the champion to put the item on your bench; All items must be on your side bar and NOT on a champion on your bench. The idea behind this mode is to focus less on items and item stacking and more on positioning, pushing a solid comp, and trying to out wit your opponents. Or in some peoples' cases, it'll be an excuse to force 3 star champions to roll over those who don't have any. I'll be starting the event at 8pm est, and if there's a large enough turn out, will run two groups if necessary. While these matches don't last nearly as long as normal SR matches in League, they're not as short as URF either, and with 3 different game modes to try I'd like to make sure everyone gets a chance to play each one. As such I'll be running this event for as long as people want to continue playing with the latest the event will go being midnight est. Anyone who stays beyond that point does so at their own peril. If you know you're gonna be late and still want to attend when you get home, please feel free to send me (MadCast: Craiden) a direct message in discord so that I know you're coming and can plan on weaving you into a group. Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for some in-house action and for anyone that wants to know more details about what's changing, I'm linking posts from Riot Mort below for reference. TFT patch 9.22 Notes TFT Set 2 Synergies and Items Descriptions
  24. This week there will be no specific focus in game. We will still have the end of match game breakdown but this will be more geared toward just having some fun in games. I'm more than happy to give you guys homework assignments at the time of the event if you would like something specific to work on or if you have something in mind I'd be happy to keep an eye out in game and focus feedback on what you are working on. See you there!
  25. Set 2 for Teamfight Tactics will be dropping on Wednesday Nov 6th, and I just want people to be aware, if you have never played, or haven't played since set 1, there's a lot of changes. Myself, @MadCast: Lunalesk, and @MadCast: Nimli have been playing set 2 exclusively lately on the PBE, and are Gold+ on both live and PBE. Anyone who's looking to get into set 2, feel free to hit one of us up if you have questions, comments or concerns about all the new stuff and for some good inside tips on builds for the new rank season to climb with. I can't promise I'll be on wednesday, as I assume atm that I'll have to work, but I know after work I'll be on (around midnight est) doing ranked and trying to push for Plat in the first few days of the season. Below I'll link Riot Mort's latest post about what's coming in Set 2 so you can browse over what to expect. Teamfight Tactics Set 2 If there's enough interest, I will be looking at finding a time to set up an event for anyone that would like to do some in-houses with the new set 2 once it's live. I'll try to find the most active time for the majority of people, but please feel free to leave suggestions here of days/times that work if you're interested in attending.
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