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Found 1 result

  1. By now I've talked to most if not all of the DMs that ran multiple sessions during Living D&D and I got a chance to participate in a session of. I'm putting together a little gift for each of these wonderful DMs and I'd like to keep track of everything in this thread. I'll be updating with pictures as I finish my little project. With that said I suppose I should let you in on the project. I'm making or DMs a home made Dice Tray! Each one will be different and totally unique as well as come with a set of 7 Dice that they all have already chosen through PMs in Discord. I'm having a ton of fun working in my wood workshop and really wanted a way to thank these individuals for introducing everyone to an amazingly fun game so I figured I'd put my amateurish skills to work making some gifts in the spirit of D&D. Like I said, I'll be updating this with pictures as I finish things and once all of them are finished I'll go through the process of letting the DMs choose which one they would like. Thank you again everyone for making Living D&D an amazing experience and that is not limited to only the DMs. I'm talking about all the people that participated in these sessions and maybe found a new passion! For clarification there are 7 DMs that had run repeated sessions to whom I'm making Dice Trays for (provided they are interested). @MadCast: Munsa(the ring leader) - Purple Dice https://imgur.com/2wt2Yvp Dice Tray chosen - https://imgur.com/AIlQgfd @MadCast: VoShay - Light Green Dice https://imgur.com/xR3s1fC Dice Tray chosen - https://imgur.com/tusJmii @MadCast: JigglesTheFett - Red Dice https://imgur.com/IneW606 Dice Tray chosen - https://imgur.com/5trA1O8 @MadCast: Khaos - Sparkly Blue Dice https://imgur.com/1zCYSen Dice Tray chosen - https://imgur.com/sJtuFnj @MadCast: Kal - Smokey Blue Dice https://imgur.com/xnaxVq2 Dice Tray chosen - https://imgur.com/6CdSyyj @MadCast: The Prince - Forest Green Dice https://imgur.com/xYu2eqx Dice Tray chosen - https://imgur.com/o16bpe2 @MadCast: Starlight - Opted out
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