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Found 8 results

  1. bigdommer


    Well guys, thanks for everyone who has supported us thus far, the stream has officially made it to affiliate which gives us a subscribe button and some other ways to make some money! Currently the stream is going to be using donations and subscription money to dump into our rocket league sunday tournaments to help grow it. The stream is not going to make a lot of money so if anyone has a twitch prime/amazon prime account and wants to use their free monthly sub on the channel we'd greatly appreciate it. You guys are the best and let's keep this train rollin
  2. At the town hall meeting last night, I heard something that made me think. @MadCast: Epic said something to the effect that he joined MadCast when he was really young. (I forget just how young but teens I think) and he said that being in MadCast and starting to take on roles of more responsibility within MadCast really made him readjust how he acted. I thought it was a really great thing to realize, that we are as a community in some way shaping generations of upcoming adults. If I had a child, I don't think I would have any problem exposing them to MadCast. On a bigger scale, t
  3. Hey guys, I already made one post about this but I didn't get much response. I've started streaming at Https:// in order to cast our rocket league tournaments on Sundays. The stream is doing very well considering it is just a few weeks old but at the time of this I am at 42/50 followers to become an affiliate. If I get the last 8 I will then get a subscribe button which will allow some people who have amazon prime to start generating a small amount of revenue for the stream which would be a big help for prizes for the rocket league tournaments. I humbly ask that if any
  4. *Support Alistar Guide - 2016 Season* >Runes: *Greater Mark of Armor x9 *Greater Seal of Armor x9 *Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9 *Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x9 >Masteries: 0/12/18 *Cunning: Wanderer --> Secret Stash --> Meditation --> Dangerous Game *Resolve: Recovery --> Explorer --> Veteran's Scars --> Insight --> Legendary Guardian --> Bond of Stone >Summoner Spells: Flash/Ignite, Flash/Exhaust >Items: *Beginning: Relic Shield, Health Potion x3 *Core: Eye of the Equinox, Mobil
  5. *AP Jungle Cho'gath Guide - 2016 Season* >Runes: *Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration x9 *Greater Seal of Armor x9 *Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9 *Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x9 >Masteries: 0/18/12 *Cunning: Savagery --> Runic Affinity --> Merciless --> Dangerous Game --> Precision --> Stormraider's Surge *Resolve: Recovery --> Tough Skin --> Veteran's Scars --> Insight >Summoner Spells: Smite/Flash >Items: *Beginning: Hunter's Machete, Hunter's Potion/Health Potion x3 *Core: Stalk
  6. Today, with a fair bit of excitement, MadCast Staff announces the appointment of a new Executive Senior Full Member. For some historical background of the position, I refer you to 2008. MadCast existed in the form of divisions formed around each game it played. These divisions were led by Division Leaders who made virtually all day to day decisions in their respective games. Owing to a structure which MadCast's size was not ready for at the time, this hierarchy was altered in 2008 to reflect the needs of the community. The Division Leader position was retired, a
  7. So I've done this a few times for other groups I've played with. I want to draw you all together in a bit of a gathering. When I say 'you', I mean your personas. If you pick on someone all the time (Ahem, Oliver), most likely you will be picking on them in this picture! Some of you I haven't gotten to know, so this will also be a fun way to get to know you. Who knows, maybe it'll have BF4 people dressed as soldiers while the GW2 people are dressed in fantasy. I haven't decided yet! If you want to be in this piece of work, please fill out the following: MadCast tag: Rank: Picture: (if not o
  8. Long Sword + Ward. Then Doran's Blade. Then Boots and Vampiric Scepter. Then Blade of the Ruined King. Then victory. The ingredients, when mixed together with a sick CC comp of Lux, Syndra, Janna, and's going to be good. AD Heimer. Don't you forget it.