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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all! There is now a multiplayer Minecraft server up and running based on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft! This includes the console/mobile versions, and the Windows 10 version of Minecraft. For any of those situations where you have the capability of connecting to a specific multiplayer server, you can join and play! This server will follow some of the same basic rules of the mimic server, with a few differences. Bannable Offenses: Botting/Scripting, no automatic "I can AFK and farm all of this" type of things from bots/scripts outside of Minecraft. Block
  2. Welcome to the whitelist thread for the Mimic Modpack Multiplayer Server! Please post in this thread with your minecraft username if you would like to be added to the whitelist for the multiplayer server. FM+ will be accepted without any additional information needed. Candidates and Associates will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and should have no issues if they have the backing of an FM+ Please allow a little bit of time for your Minecraft username to be added to the whitelist.
  3. Yet another Minecraft spleef event! If we can get enough people to hold a little tournament, we will. However, I am going to aim more for a get together to have fun playing this awesome mini-game!
  4. Welcome welcome. This is an official announcement of the first (of hopefully many) MadCast Spleef tournaments! This will take place this Saturday, 9/28/2019 at 7pm EDT. If you're unaware of what Spleef is, it is a Minecraft mini-game played on a field of blocks that are easily destroyed. Usually snow. This field is placed several blocks above a pool of Lava. Each player is given a shovel, the last person still standing on the snow wins! You don't need anything special other than a copy of the JAVA version of Minecraft to play with us! Everything is set up and ready to go,
  5. Hello all! I want to start a large group project on one of the Minecraft servers (this can include the Vanilla Java 1.14 server that is still coming Soon(tm), I promise). There are so many different things we can do as a group. We could build a giant city together, or a Kingdom, or a dungeon deep underground with traps and monsters! I'm reaching out now to collect ideas and gauge interest. We can use all sorts of players! Don't like building but love fighting monsters and collecting materials? Great! Ever wanted to be a city planner, or design your own dungeon? Perfect
  6. Welcome to the information thread about the MadCast Mimic Multiplayer Server! As an extension of the public modpack project, we are now hosting a Multiplayer server that uses the modpack! If you're interested, come play with us! There are of course rules that come with this, and a few pieces of information. Firstly, this server is currently being hosted a computer that is physically in my home. I have a gigabit internet connection, and the machine is pretty solid, but do keep in mind that it is running on a server that I run other things on, and while there may be lag, it can go
  7. Hello All! For the past several weeks, myself and @MadCast: Chibiushi have been working diligently to create a re-imagining of the old Mimic modpack from ages past. After a lot of testing and help from @MadCast Maday and @MadCast: Soupcup It has finally been approved by curseforge! So we bring to you the very very beta version of what we have been working on. We are hoping that this very public facing modpack can help bring more attention to our community as a whole, and bring a ton of fun to our community in general. The modpack can be found on curseforge at: https://minecraft.
  8. So it seems like we will be getting road blocks in a future update (my guess would be 1.9). Jeb, the lead developer, recently tweeted this picture showcasing them. A while back someone posted on the Minecraft suggestions subreddit about adding these in, and Jeb credited him with the idea. Pretty cool, honestly. Another thing is that Jeb said they have Tommo working on boats, remaking the code that makes them work (or not work, honestly, lol) from scratch. Tommo mentioned that they will be invulnerable like minecarts, but will have an increased cost, using logs instead of planks. Someone sug
  9. General: Whitelist Eligibility: FM+. Associates and Candidates are usually handled on a case-by-case basis, where I look at posts made and ask around a bit. If I think they'll be fine to have, or if they're vouched for by an FM+, then they can be whitelisted. To be whitelisted on the 1.8 Vanilla server, please post in this thread. NOTE: FTB whitelisting is closed for now, until the Mimic Pack has reached a more public stage in its development. Bannable Offenses: Botting/Scripting, no automatic "I can AFK and farm all of this" type of things from bots/scripts outside of Minecraft. Blocks,
  10. Have the files for the old vanilla server been posted anywhere yet? I may have something special planned
  11. The MadCast Shop is now open at Spawn! Most of the items I wanted to put in there are there. You can get anything from dirt to diamonds, though some things may be missing. You can also get things like Cracked Stone. Once I've completely finished with the Spawn shop, there will be one made in the Skyworld as well. Enjoy!
  12. So it came up within the last few days that some people who are newer to minecraft or are just coming back to it, may not know the full potential of mcMMO. So here is a guide for everyone, maybe even those who have used mcMMO for a while and never really grasped the awesomeness that it is. mcMMO Overview mcMMO is a plugin that adds an RPG element to the game. It gives you different stats in the game that you can level up which make the game play more fun/easy. These stats("skills") can be leveled by doing certain actions while playing the game normally. I will explain each one in furth
  13. Report has a link to where you can download it.
  14. So now that our server has been up almost a week, I was curious what kind of projects or neat things people have built so far. Please include screenshots if you can. So for me, I spent the weekend building a fun little maze for people to get through. As of now, its the only way to get to the stairs that lead to my castle. There are no traps, but it can be dangers as mobs tend to get stuck in there at night and I leave them for the added, "adventure". Working on getting screenshots now. Here is a view form the platform above it
  15. So for those who do not know, Santa visited the Minecraft Server over the weekend. He left some presents for the FM+s, and [C]s he had noticed logged in within the first couple of days, to celebrate the opening of the server. With the "holiday" coming to an end, all of the unclaimed "presents" will be cleared out on Sunday, with the tree taken down and returned to Santa. So make sure to check and see if you have a present and claim it before it's gone forever. P.S. - Don't forget to take the chest and the sign too.
  16. I dunno how many of you guys like pixel art, or actually do pixel art, but I have quite a collection of works that I've made in the past. You can see what screenshots I've kept here: It would be awesome to hear your opinions, or even share some of your own pixel art if you have any. I'm anxious to know what you guys think and have