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Found 3 results

  1. Please only post in this thread if you are a participant. Post here if you are interested in commenting on stuff. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to the Dark Continent. Discovered only ten years ago, a massive race to explore, colonize, and seize the continent's assets are underway. However, the exploitation is opposed by the deep, dark jungle and the creatures that live within. Ancient temples, ruined cities, and indigenous tribes await those brave enough to enter. The first to settle the area are the dwarves- who jealously guard the areas they have claimed and push further mile by mile, day by day. Will others be able to work with them or dislodge them? What truly terrifying and amazing secrets lie on the Dark Continent? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Your boat left you at the only neutral port in the region- Tully's Rock. A small port town that is mostly a watering hole for adventurers loosely aligned with various factions, you spent a week preparing for your journey. You've heard of a temple that has not been raided yet, for the last group to attempt it never returned. Confident in your little party's capability to make war, you set out into the dark jungle and attempt to find a path South East to this temple you've heard of...
  2. Please only post in this thread if you are a participant. Post here if you are interested in commenting on stuff. This game concerns a dark future where people struggle to survive; be advised that strong language, strong violence, and sexual themes may be present. Every effort will be made to keep everything (except language) at a PG-13 rating. You have been warned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The world ended more than fifty years ago. And yet, here you are. Scavenging. Struggling. Every day yearning for one more breath, one more sip of water. The human animal in you won't give up, even though every bone in your body knows the world will only get worse; only slip further and further into darkness. But you aren't dead yet. You sneer, you grit your teeth, you look death in the eye and tell him to fuck right off- this is your land, this is your stuff, and your heart still beats in your chest. This is Apocalypse World. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chris Edwards Jr: It's mid-morning. You just got to the watering hole looking to wet your whistle. The whiskey from last night leaves a foul-taste on your tongue and a pounding headache in your skull. As you get close, you see the Valens gang eyeing you. The leader, Ricardo, spits on the ground inches from your foot. 'Hey, gringo! You think you can show up and just drink our water, every fucking day, without doing any real work? Who do you think you are, asshole?" He stands up. The kid's only 5'4, at best, but his jet-black mohawk adds another foot and you can see sinew tensing under his dilapidated bomber jacket. His two brothers stand at his back- nearly mirror images in faded blue jeans and torn white t-shirts. Given their lack of jackets, you can see the softball-sized biceps tense up. What do you do? Eliza: You rub your face and wonder what woke you up. Your foggy brain comes into clarity as you realize someone is hollering at the top of their lungs outside your home. You shift up and look out a window. You see Mark Mackerson- He's one of the gearheads in the biker gang that stopped by for barter and resupply. You briefly remember taking some oddments in exchange for fixing his bike. You remember fixing it, but not delivering it. You don't remember him hanging from a snare, just two feet from your front door, screaming at the top of his lungs. His voice drifts in, 'Cut me down from this rope you shiftless fucking gearhead! Where the fuck is my bike?! You promised it by noon. Suns coming down and I still ain't got a fucking bike! You got 1 minute to cut me down before I start screaming for my boys to come over here and wreck your pretty little shop!" What do you do? Harper Rabbit: You are in the middle of communing with your altar when one of your acolytes, Pip, comes skidding in. "Boss! Boss! The Jones are getting into it with the Macaroys! They can't decide what the last prophecy means Boss! Oh, Shit!" Pip ducks behind a couch that has discolored from the decades of misuse and a gaunt man with a shock of yellow hair comes tumbling in. His nose is bloodied and his eyes unfocused. He holds up his hands and cries out, "Sanctuary, Ray, sanctuary! I'm in the church now!" The other man, broad shouldered with a permanent scowl, bald head, and a curving scar at his lip sneers. "Miss Rabbit. Chucky here says the Macaroys are gonna take on a water debt because the prophecy said, 'The current shifts. Away from the mountain and to the beanstalk.' I don't know what the fuck he's thinking, but he ain't gonna stir up no fucking shit with my family and squelch. I don't care if his field ran dry. I'll take the water from his fucking corpse before he shifts that shit on me." Chuck flinches and drags himself behind you. "Miss Rabbit I's just talking to George is all. Ray heard me and started the dustup. Just idle words is all!" What do you do?
  3. For out of character talk with players and observers about the Play by Post Games.